Branches in the interior - nature at the service of design

Dry branches have their own unique aesthetics. Why not use it to decorate the interior? You can find this material in any forest or park. Thoroughly dry the branches in open space, and then supplement with various elements.

The composition of long thin branches can replace the chandelier. Place several stand-alone lamps or LED strip between the branches. You can hang the chandelier on the most ordinary rope or twine.

It is possible to add with branches or one sinuous snag the most ordinary lamps. But this option would be appropriate only in a room with high ceilings.

Luminaire branches can be placed on a vertical surface. In this case, the shelves were made of large massive branches. They were supplemented with the decor of cones, pine needles and dried flowers.

Natural materials are ideal for creating festive decor. A wreath of twigs can be used not only in winter, but also for decorating a house for any other holiday. You only need to change the decorative details on it.

Simplicity is the best decoration.In some cases, it will work better than a complex composition, overloaded with many details.

Play on the contrast. Place dry, raw branches in a frame of classic design, and they will decorate the house as well as a refined picture.

Another option is an imitation of a modular picture. Only instead of drawing on paper natural materials are placed.

Complete the exterior of the house. On the street, against the backdrop of a laconic wall, snags can look no less picturesque.

Natural candlestick. Use branches for serving the table. The simplest candles will look very elegant.

A large snag of interesting shape can be used together in a bouquet or houseplant. Care for this decor requires a minimum.

Combine simple branches with pots of saturated flowers. Some negligence of invoices is acceptable.

The branches painted with white paint are a whole field for creativity. Complete them with any interesting details.

A vase for some branches can be built from others. Make sure that they have a different color and size, otherwise the composition will resemble a broom ...

All the salt in simplicity. Branches in simple vases with salt look better in the plural.

Elegance and beauty.Glass candlesticks will perfectly complement the wide untreated branches.

Gifts of nature. In the autumn, a bouquet can be collected literally from everything that lies under your feet.

Large forms. Install high branches in the room to create an atmosphere of real wood.

Use a large snag as a fixture for a lamp or floor lamp. The wire can be twisted around the branch.

Complete the design of a regular straight shelf with twin branches. Get a very original composition.

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