Boyars in furs, or is it worth it for men to wear fur coats

This is a fur coat in our latitudes - everyday clothes for 3-4 months a year, and in the West, where the cold behaves much more modest, the fur coat is exactly the “niche” thing that is worn by either the rich or the desperate fans of the vintage style. As you understand, both types of fur coats will be of different types: rich people have luxurious classic sables with stripes or some hit painted fur coat by Gucci, and regular customers have second-hand fox fur coats , rabbit or colored sheepskin (leopard print is welcome!).

Previously, natural and artificial fur was in the minority in men's collections, but now magazines understand what men should wear it, giving examples of dandies from New York streets, images of seasonal designer collections and Kanye West with a sad look, as if forced in a fur coat to stand in the cold at minus 25 and wait for a taxi.

Date: 10.10.2018, 19:36 / Views: 71141

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