And laughter, and sin! As I entered the Eurolet bedroom ...

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Who was not in Europe, beware of the toilets, they are not our brains! In Stuttgart, a small need forced to go in the evening in a street public toilet.

Single cabin, very neat, shiny, clean, punctuated with sensors and controlled by a computer. You throw a coin of 2 euros into the slot of the door, the doors automatically open, the lights come on, you go in, the doors close. I do not suffer from claustrophobia, but since I have been involved in electronics and computer programs all my life, I am a little annoying.
Well, I did my business, you need to go out, and there is no button to open the door. Instructions too. What is stupid or something, write instructions for using the toilet?

I turn on my logic, as the Germans wrote the control program, went in - lifted the toilet lid, drained the water, closed the lid. Maybe what sensor stuck? I repeat the process. The door does not open. Maybe you need to sit on the lid, then get up, then drain the water? I repeat the process. The door does not open. So.What have you forgotten? Can wash your hands? I repeat the process again. I put my hand to the faucet, the sensor works, the water flows, then it automatically turns off, in the hope and sadness I look at the door - it does not open.
The prospect of spending the night in a heaped German push did not inspire me. I shout to my friend who is left outside (lucky):

“Zhenya, this infection does not let me out!” He is trying to bribe the toilet by shoving a coin in the slot.

The machine does not beg, does not take, that's all. He also does not react to kicks and punches. Zhenya shouts: “Hold on, now I’m calling the police!” Having nothing to do, I repeat the process, wash my hands, turn on the hairdryer ... the hairdryer is turned off, the door opens. Then somewhere read the story, as a dude in the same heaped toilet in France went. Having paid the required centimes, our compatriot could not even assume that everything inside the booth is sterilely clean, and according to this, as it should be for a clean homo sapiens, he climbed his feet on the toilet ... water is not drained, something is wrong, included disinfection. The dude is sitting on the pot, doing his business, and then the light is turned off,and on him a shower of dezsstvor as levanet! He jumped off the toilet, the computer was completely jammed: the door was closed, and the man appeared ?! And it hovered, having previously turned on the drying with streams of hot air ... For several hours the rescuers cut the anti-vandal doors with an autogen, pulling the distracted poor fellow out of the clutches of the Paris toilet. So I still got off easy.

And therefore, there is nothing more familiar and familiar to Russians than a familiar and simple structure, which was invented back in time immemorial.

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