Beetles for wiretapping


Stable Radio Tune
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Stable Radio

A radio receiver is a simple radio transmitter with a microphone that catches the slightest sounds around itself and transmits them through the radio wave. Thus, leaving such a device in a suitable place, you can listen to everything that is done around it.
Simple radio radio with their hands

A simple DIY radio zoo

On the Internet, you can find a huge number of circuits of radio chips. Some schemes are too complicated and require adjustment, others include defective radio components, and others do not work at all! I offer you a bug scheme,
Simple Audio Transmitter
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Simple Audio Transmitter

This transmitter showed good quality of the transmitted music, so I recommend starting with this circuit. As practice has shown, an assembled generator on a single transistor cannot, stand in one place, without an additional cascade, constantly
Stable bug on 100 meters
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Stable beetle per 100 meters

The article presents the design of a radio transmitting device with a range of up to 100 meters. Such a radio is built according to the capacitive three-point scheme (as well as all other known schemes), the components were carefully selected. The frequency does not float like
Stereo FM Transmitter from MP3 Player
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Stereo FM Transmitter from MP3 Player

I do not have a car, but I decided to use this little thing in my own way. Like a stereo transmitter. Why do I need this? And in order to broadcast the sound from the laptop to the stereo system. The fact is that I like to watch movies on the big screen, on
Flexible radio head

Flexible Radio

Recently, an old mobile phone was out of service. As a result, it was disassembled for parts. From the eye did not slip an interesting shape with smd components. As a result, without hesitation I decided to make a radio receiver on a flexible board. For the beetle
TV frequency and radio signal silencer
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Silencer for tele and radio signals

I present to your court the design of the frequency muffler. A fairly simple and 100% working scheme is designed to suppress the body and radio signals. The device will be able to jam almost any TV channel (except for the satellite of course) at a distance of up to 15
Simple radio voice
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Simple Radio Zoom

The design of this radio receiver is fairly simple, it does not need much adjustment, and if you have all the details you can collect in half an hour. This is a great option for a beginner who is just starting to learn and collect simple radio circuits. Despite the
Radio meter 400 meters
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Radio Distance 400 meters

Today on the Internet you can find many schemes of radio transmitters. For many months, almost half of them were repeated, but none of the schemes showed the necessary parameters. There were long-range schemes, but the stability left much to be desired
Radio microphone - radio

Radio microphone - radio chip

This is perhaps the most popular simple and common radio or radio microphone scheme. A minimum of detail and a minimum of time is required to build this baby. Thanks to the use of a microphone from Chinese products, the sensitivity of this
Miniature devices for exams
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Miniature Exam Device

I think many remember the famous film by Leonid Gaidai "Operation Y and the other adventures of Shurik", how they passed the exams on synchrophasotron.This is exactly what this collection of miniature devices for exams will be about. And let's start
Radio zhiru
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Radio Damage

I propose a scheme of the simplest wireless microphone with a range of up to 30 meters. The signal can be received on the radio (cell phone, player, or on a regular, etc.) If everything is assembled correctly works without settings.

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