Textile bedroom decoration: elegance and comfort

Construction Definition

In order to understand how the curtains will look, you need to determine their main tasks. First of all, this functionality. Curtains should hide the inhabitants from prying eyes and protect from light. Secondly, aesthetics. Blinds made of plastic slats can look very elegant, but still the textiles in the bedroom will be much more appropriate. Design curtains for the bedroom should be soft and comfortable. So, fabric designs:

  • classic (drapes, curtains, pelmets, etc.);
  • Roman curtain (sheet with cross folds)
  • roller blind;
  • pleated curtain ("corrugated" fabric in the frame);
  • fabric blinds.

Combination Options

Indeed, sometimes the traditional classics on the windows have very clear shapes that you would not want to break every time you need a blackout.In such cases, a combination of the usual sliding and roller lifting curtains is quite acceptable. In a minimized form, the roll under the eaves is almost not noticeable. The choice of fabric for curtains is offered by Moscow in many stores and shops, where they will select the color and style combinations suitable for curtains and fabrics. With the right choice of fabric such “combined” windows will look harmonious and impressive.

Style requirements

There are no strict style canons for the bedroom. Rather, it is about a person’s personal perception of comfortable sleeping conditions. However, there are some common points. For example, the presence of sharp, angular lines and bright "screaming" colors will not contribute to a peaceful rest. Therefore, you should give preference to the classical style in muted colors, choosing the design of curtains for the bedroom. If you still want a bright color accent, it is better to choose fancy fabric blinds or pleated blinds. As already mentioned, such structures, if necessary, can be minimized and made “invisible.”

A few words about the materials

Textiles are a rich plastic material.Tissue folds can be laid even along, even across the window opening. There is one rule: the more elegant the decor of the fabric itself, the simpler the shape of the curtain should be. The intricate “bouquet” pattern in combination with lambrequins, svagas and sockets only “weights” the window, giving the interior a certain oversaturation. Fabrics for curtains Moscow in different salons offers different: from velvet to organza, from tulle to satin. Therefore, it may be worthwhile to spend some time trying to match the appearance of textiles with the planned form.

For any method of window decoration in the bedroom decor should be moderate and restrained. A large number of small elements, parts and folds will create a feeling of "dusty" room. But if you don’t want to give up the decorations, light pastel colors will help to “pull out” the overall interior of the bedroom, make it bright and more spacious.

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