Beauty salon or tattoo studio: what to choose for tattoo removal?

Contrary to the general warnings that a tattoo might just get bored after a while, did you decide on the procedure, and now you are really starting to regret your deed? Do not be in a hurry to get upset - although withdrawing a tattoo is difficult, but it is possible, however, not always completely. So, what methods of getting rid of tattoos does modern medicine offer?

Cryodestruction is a method with rather high efficiency, at which the pigment is removed under the influence of liquid nitrogen. However, after such a procedure, it is possible the formation of scarring on the skin.

The simplest is disguise. The essence of the procedure is not to completely remove the paint from the skin, but to disguise it with the help of body-colored pigments, which are applied over the picture and seem to overlap it. However, in this way it will be possible to get rid of only tattoos of small sizes.In this case,Moscow tattoo studioswill easily mask the existing picture.

Electrocoagulation involves burning the tattoo with an electric current. It is performed under anesthesia and may also have effects in the form of scars. Another way - dermabrasion (grinding). Not the most gentle method, the essence of which consists in “scraping” the pigment together with the upper layers of the skin with a diamond cutter. Apply for such a service should be only to highly qualified specialists, since if the technology of its implementation and the rules of disinfection are not followed, complications may develop. In addition, the healing process after dermabrasion can take several months. And do not hope that you can get rid of a tired tattoo in one session - most often you need to visit the wizard 2 or 3 times.

Laser tattoo removal today is recognized as the most effective and safest method. Laser impulses, penetrating into the skin, affect its pigmented areas and break down granules of dyes, which fade and subsequently appear outside with blood and lymph.And what is also important, when carrying out such a procedure, healthy tissues, no matter how close they are to the pigmented ones, are not affected or damaged. Any professionalMoscow beauty studioswill be able to remove the drawing with the help of modern laser equipment. And yet, despite the fact that if you want to part with a tattoo, albeit with difficulty, you can, think a few times, and do you really need it? Maybe for a start it is worth limiting the application of a temporary tattoo? But if your unlimited desire to stand out from the crowd sweeps away all the arguments against it, then at least consult with a specialist, because there are a number of diseases in which such experiments with your body are simply contraindicated! These include, for example, diabetes mellitus, bronchial asthma, and some skin diseases — you can view the full list of restrictions only in the doctor’s office.

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