Beautiful gift envelopes

Basic workshop onmaking beautiful gift envelopes, using which you can make an envelope for any occasion and any celebration.

Materials and tools:

  1. thick cardboard for a reusable pattern;
  2. thick paper or cardboard, scrapbooking paper;
  3. watercolors, markers, markers and other decorations;
  4. glue stick;
  5. double-sided tape;
  6. scissors;
  7. pencil.

Step 1

Download the template, print it, transfer it to a thick cardboard and cut it out - it will be a template.

Next to choose: either use paper for scrapbooking, or independently decorate paper or cardboard.

Put the template on the paper, cut and cut. Draw fold lines and bend them.

Date: 15.11.2018, 11:21 / Views: 62262

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