Beautiful booties for kids knitting

Materials and tools:

  1. 50g / 150m thread two colors - white and lilac;
  2. Needle No. 3
  3. Needle;
  4. 2 roses for decoration.

Pattern Description

Shawl:All loops fit on the face - both in the face and in the back row.

Knitted horizontal seam:on the front side from right to left - we insert the needle from the wrong side into the first loop of the upper edge, then from the front side into the first loop of the lower edge and the next loop, but from the wrong side . Then again, insert the needle into the first loop of the upper edge, but already on the front side, then into the second loop from the wrong side. Then again in the second loop of the lower edge, from the front. Then in the third loop of the lower edge from the wrong side.

You can change the size if you take a thicker thread, or knit in two threads, or knit into a thicker one and knit according to the same description.

Knitting description

We collect 30 loops on the spokes with a white thread, leave the tail of the thread 20 cm - then we will sew this thread.

Garter stitching (seepattern description) we knit 79 rows.

Row 80: close 13 loops, and knit 17 loops with facial loops.

Attach the lilac thread, knit.

Row 81: (lilac) face loops;

Row 82: (lilac) purl loops;

Row 83: (lilac) face loops;

Row 84: (lilac) purl loops;

Row 85: (white) facial loops;

Row 86: (white) facial loops;

Row 87: (white) purl loops;

Row 88: (white) face loops;

Row 89: (lilac) face loops;

Row 90: (lilac) purl loops;

Row 91: (lilac) face loops;

Row 92: (lilac) purl loops;

Row 93: (white) face loops;

Row 94: (white) face loops;

Row 95: (white) purl loops;

Row 96: (white) face loops;

Row 97: (lilac) face loops;

Row 98: (lilac) purl loops;

Row 99: (lilac) face loops;

Row 100: (lilac) purl loops;

Row 101: (white) facial loops;

Row 102: (white) face loops;

Row 103: (white) purl loops;

Row 104: (white) face loops;

Row 105: (lilac) face loops;

Row 106: (lilac) purl loops;

Row 107: (lilac) face loops;

Row 108: (purple) purl loops;

Row 109: (white) face loops;

Row 110: (white) face loops;

Row 111: (white) purl loops;

Row 112: (white) face loops;

Row 113: (lilac) face loops;

Row 114: (lilac) purl loops;

Row 115: (lilac) face loops;

Row 116: (lilac) purl loops;

Row 117: (white) face loops;

Row 118: (white) face loops;

Row 119: (white) purl loops;

Row 120: (white) face loops;

Row 121: (lilac) face loops;

Row 122: (purple) purl loops;

Row 123: (lilac) face loops;

Row 124: (lilac) purl loops;

Row 125: (white) face loops;

Row 126: (white) face loops;

Row 127: (white) purl loops;

Row 128: (white) face loops;

It should make 6 purple and 6 white stripes.

Row 129: (lilac) face loops;

Row 130: (purple) purl loops;

Row 131: (lilac) face loops.

It turned out not tied lilac streak.

We cut the thread with a long margin of 20 cm.

We fold the bootie in half with the seamy side out, aligning the corners on the white canvas. Sew on the striped part of the booties to the opposite side, counting 13 loops from the knitting edge.Sew on knit horizontal stitching "loop in the loop" (see the description of the pattern).

It should form the 4th (132nd from the beginning) series of our unlinked lilac strip.

Then we insert a white thread into the needle, which was left at the beginning of knitting. We are starting to assemble the sole. On the striped bottom edge we collect one edge loop from each strip. Tighten the thread in a circle, fasten the bundle. With the same thread, we sew the sole in the direction of the heel.

Similarly, we collect in the bundle the upper part of our booties. We hide the strings inside, tangling the tails in the folds. Crop.

We thread a plain white thread into the needle. We sew neatly on top of the booties a rosette.

The sides of the white cloth are folded in half and turned outward.

The second knitting is similar to the first.

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