Beautiful bookmarks with embroidery flowers

Beautiful bookmarks with embroidery flowers- beautiful bookmarks with an embroidered floral pattern can become not only a simple bookmark for the book, but also a good gift.

Materials and tools:

  1. floss thread according to the key;
  2. unbleached gray canvas stripe 5x31cm;
  3. gray felt 25x6cm;
  4. beads and beads for decorating.


Step 1

Embroider this design from top to bottom on a linen stripe, so as not to be mistaken with the arrangement of the floral motif. When you're done embroidering, wash and iron the linen strips to make the fabric stiff again. In this way, you will facilitate further work with it and ensure that the finished product looks neat. Bend the top edge of the fabric (1.5 cm) to the wrong side and sew it along the entire length with secret stitches (they should not be seen from the front side).

Now measure 5 cm down from the bottom of the embroidery and mark the center of the strip with a pin. Wrap both sides of the strip inward (on the seamy side), using a pin as a guide, so that you have a sharp tip at the bottom of the strip. Sew both folds with secret stitches so that they can not be seen from the front.

Place the stitched strip on the felt flap and draw it. Cut along the inside of the contour, so that the felt part is slightly smaller than the sewn strip. Attach the felt with pins to the back of the embroidered strip and sew it in secret stitches to make the bookmark look neat from the wrong side.

Select the beads to your taste and string them onto a strong thread. Finish the thread with a bead and direct the thread back over the top bead, through the holes of the beads to secure the suspension. Attach the thread with beads to the bottom of your product. An elegant bookmark for the book is ready.

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