Beautiful bedspread - a pledge of coziness

The bedroom is the best place in the house. This is where you can relax and rest from the past day. It is no wonder that the mistress of the room is furnished and trimmed with special diligence. To make your bedroom look more cozy and romantic, sew a pretty blanket with lovely bows for a bed. For sewing a blanket 240 * 205 cm in size you will need: • the main fabric is 170 cm long and wide 280 cm; • fabric for frills - length 100 cm and width 280 cm; • quilted lining fabric - length 445 cm and width 150 cm; • sintepon - length 445 cm and width 150 cm;• sewing threads in the tone of the main and finishing fabrics - 1 spool; • scissors; • tape measure, long metal ruler, tape measure; • tailor's pins with heads Sawing It is convenient to use curtain fabrics, for example satin or jacquard, because they are wider and denser than usual. Cut out a rectangle with a size of 168 * 222 cm from the main fabric.Cut cloth for 4 pieces of 25 cm wide each. For bows, 16 squares are 12.5 * 12.5 cm in size. Cut out 2 rectangles from quilted lining fabric: 150 * 222 and 150 * 74 cm. Also cut the sintepon.
bedspread ready
Tailoring technology 1. Apply stitches to the cover line. To do this, apply on all 4 sides of the detail of the top of a small notch every 27.5 cm, retreating 1 cm from the edge of the part. On the long side there should be 8 notches, on the short side - 6 notches. Connect them diagonally to each other, drawing fine lines. As a result, you will get a pattern in the form of diamonds with a side of about 21 cm. Put the top part on the synthetic winterizer, fasten both pieces of paper with pins so that they do not move relative to each other and quilting the top of the coverlet.
 line stitches
2. Sew a frill. To do this, stitch off the details, undo the seams.
iron out stitches
3. Then tuck the seam allowances and scribble.
4. Roll the edge of the ruffle 0.5 cm and then 3 cm.Pin the stitch with pins. Turn the Edge
5. Stitch the bottom edge and the side of the frill.  Stitch bottom edge 6. Fold the corners of the frill neatly with an envelope and lay a binding line.
 tuck the envelope
7. Lay a stitch along the other edge of the ruffle at a distance of 0.75 cm from the edge. Then remove the frill to a length of approximately 605 cm.
 pick a frill
8. Put a frill over the top cover and fasten with pins.
fasten with pins
9. Angles covered a little round.
 round a little bit
10. Lay the fastening stitch at a distance of 1 cm from the slices while removing the pins.  removing pins 11. Fold the upper part of the coverlet with the lining, while simultaneously removing the frill inward. Lay the binding stitch at a distance of 1.2 cm from the edge.In the line, leave a hole length of 25-30 cm. Then turn out the product through it on the front side, straighten the seams and frill. Sew a gap in the line with stitches.
 Fold the top of the curtain
12. Sew finishing bows. First fold the parts in half lengthwise, lay a line, leaving a gap of 3-4 cm in length. Then undo the seam, fold the part so that it is in the middle, stitch the side cuts, cut off the corners.
 Sew Finishing Bows
13. Turn the bow to the front side through the hole in the line, straighten the corners, iron.
 Turn the bow
14. Make a constriction for the bow. Sew the cuts along the long side, twist with the help of a pin on the front side, iron the part. Sew the finished bows on the bedspread, placing them in the tops of rhombuses.
 waist for bow
Nice new bedspread ready. It will surely decorate your bedroom and give it a cheerful and romantic look.
A beautiful blanket is a pledge of comfort

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