Batik - beautiful and exquisite

You like to be creative, but you are not a professional artist? Then painting on fabrics with special paints is a lesson for you. It is simple, beautiful, elegant. You can decorate your house with your own pictures. You can give your pictures to your favorite people. Do not be shy. Do not complex. Go ahead and do not disappoint. There are many varieties of batik (cold, hot, knot, etc.) Many of the ways are very time-consuming, time-consuming, require professional skills. Today is a very simple and accessible master class. It turns out an excellent result without much effort and without laborious manipulation: boiling the fabric, steaming it over the steam and so on. This method will master any of the indifferent people, ready to create, go to experiments. Batik becomes your favorite hobby. You need special paints, a special contour and a special diluent for paint to make a picture. All this is sold in specialized stores and the label indicates the destination.You will also need brushes, fabric, frame, buttons. In order to dilute the paint, as well as to type it with a brush before applying to the fabric, it is convenient to use the ice freezing capacity (for cocktails).
For making a picture you will need
 capacity for freezing ice
Fabric for batik should only be natural. In our master class it will be an atlas. Before you start painting a picture, you need to soak the fabric in warm water, hold it there for a while. Then dry and iron. This is done so that the fabric can easily be pulled on the stretcher. In addition, it is necessary to take into account that natural fabrics shrink and your picture can become smaller in size during a subsequent wash.
 wet in warm water
iron iron
Then we fix the fabric with buttons on the stretcher.
Choose your favorite picture. Beginners should start with colors: they aesthetically look and paint them is not difficult. You can take as a sample a picture on a postcard, or you can show your imagination yourself. You can apply a pencil drawing. If you are sure of the hardness of your hand, then take a contour at once, be bolder and you will succeed! After the contour is well-cured, take a brush and paints and apply paint to the drawing area without leaving the contour. The paint will not spread on the fabric this way.
 apply paint to the image area
apply paint with a brush

After the paint has dried well (and the drying time is indicated on the label), you remove the fabric from the stretcher and gently iron it from the inside out with the iron. That's it!
 The batik will become a favorite hobby
With this method, you do not need to boil the fabric or steamed over the steam. If necessary, the picture can be washed safely in warm water with soap, dried and ironed.This is especially important if you paint sofa cushions that need frequent washing. You have a great picture! Good luck, an aspiring artist!
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