Native Australian Musical Instrument - Didgeridoo

Today we will try to make a mysterious and sacred musical instrument of the indigenous peoples of Australia - didgeridoo. Who does not know didgeridoo better to make from eucalyptus. Helps in the manufacture of this musical instrument nature itself, or rather insect termites. They gnaw through the core of a tree, and it remains to find it and remove sawdust. We did not have a finished eucalyptus stem and termites. But in any city, you can buy, or at least order via the Internet, bamboo. Another important component in this sacred instrument is the aesthetic side of the material. Bamboo is very pleasant to take in hand. In a good way, it can be made from a plastic water pipe. But the game on such an instrument is unlikely to be fun. So, let's start. We need a bamboo stick with a diameter of about five centimeters and a length of one and a half - two meters. Further we tie with a rope (absolutely any that you will find) each joint. There may be different number of joints - it depends on the place where bamboo grew.
 Australian Indigenous Musical Instrument - Didgeridoo
Tying of joints should be done as closely as possible. And so, then to tie a knot. Further, all the branches of the rope shift to the point of articulation. Thus, we achieve rigidity so that the bamboo does not crack during the manufacture of the tool.
 Musical instrument of the indigenous people of Australia - didgeridoo
After these simple manipulations we get a bamboo stick tied around all joints. And as seen in the previous figure, we prepare the adaptation of the day of making holes in the joints. We take simple fittings of about eight to ten millimeters in diameter and a little smaller in size than our billet. The armature must be sharpened like a screwdriver. Musical Instrument of Aboriginal Peoples of Australia - didgeridoo
After all we have prepared, you can rest and drink tea and after rest with new forces to proceed to the final part of the manufacturing of the mysterious instrument - didgeridoo. We take in one hand the sharpened reinforcement, and into the other workpiece from the bamboo and with confident movements we punched the hole along the cr gu. Next, make holes in all remaining transitions. You need to try to achieve results without chipping inside. This smoothness will provide a smoother and more pleasant sound during the game.  The musical instrument of the indigenous people of Australia- Dididoridu This is where the manufacture of the didgeridu from bamboo is completed. I wish you a pleasant game and early learning of different styles of exhalation of air. They say that they learn from several months to several years, depending on your talents.
 Australian Indigenous Musical Instrument - Didgeridoo

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