Aura of successful opening of the tea business

Having decided that your business will be connected with the opening of a tea shop, you need to be fully prepared, since this activity has not only its advantages, but also the pitfalls that you have to skillfully bypass or maneuver between them. You should consider these circumstances in more detail.

The reasons that contribute to stopping the choice at the opening of the tea shop:

  • The ability to start a business without buying expensive equipment,

  • Ease of networking in the market,

  • The possibility of long-term storage of the purchased consignment,

  • The demand for the type of product selected for sale in any economic conditions,

  • The ability to attract a wide audience of customers by providing to

Selling a variety of teas and coffees.

All of the above is the sweet and alluring component that attracts a newcomer to the described business. This is understandable and logical.Opening a tea shop does not require thinking about the issue of processing a quickly perishable product, since all sorts of tea or coffee are stored for quite a long time. And most importantly, do not need to spend on such expensive attributes as freezers. The apparent simplicity and ease of opening the tea business contains an algorithm of mandatory actions.

The opening phase of the tea business:

  1. Rent a suitable room. The required area is determined by your scope, but should not be less than 30 sq. M. meters.

  2. Interior design. This item implies a choice of interior design of the room, giving it a bright oriental flavor. This is done with the aim of seducing a customer with the aura that is predisposing to shopping, the very energy of your tea shop.

  3. Search for a wholesale seller to purchase a batch of goods. Here I advise you to focus on the purchase of precisely different types and varieties of tea and coffee. This is done for strategic purposes, as the tastes of potential buyers are different, and for the success of business development, you will need to expand your customer base as much as possible.

  4. Choose the packaging method. In this case, tea can be sold both in bulk, and pack it.It is imperative that you give your business an individual and internal flavor, so I advise you to conclude an agreement with a packaging materials manufacturing company (see packages here as an option) and develop your own distinctive label.

  5. Compulsory advertising of the goods you sell. Your potential clients should definitely hear about opening your business and providing high-quality products! And this can be done in several ways. The simplest of them is advertising on the storefront itself. This way to attract and lure a buyer is effective if the premises you rent are in the center of the city, in a place where people constantly walk. Already a simple interest will make them come to you, well, and there it will be a matter of finding the right way to present the goods!

With a successful start of business development, you can consider the option of expanding it, open additional sales offices.

However, this is not all, initially only visible advantages and simplicity of opening the chosen type of business were listed, now you should stop and about the difficulties that you will certainly encounter. First, you will need salespeople who need to be trained.You understand that the success of selling tea or coffee in the shop you open will depend directly on how the seller will be able to interest the buyer by acquiring it. To do this, the seller must clearly have an idea about all the varieties of tea and coffee, their healing properties and the place of growth. The buyer is interested to hear the legend of the rarity and singularity of the goods offered for purchase. If the seller simply stands, then even the ideally chosen location of the retail space will not save you. Secondly, get ready for inspections from the supervisory authorities for compliance with fire safety standards and sanitary cleanliness of the room. This is very important, as in the case of the identification of serious violations, your activities will simply be suspended in court. Thirdly, this is of course the risk of competition failure. If you have such a tea shop near you and the power of its advertising will be greater, then, alas, you are in for a fiasco. Therefore, opening your business selling tea, you should become a strategist and tactician, skillfully calculate the possibility of an unforeseen situation and be ready for its quick elimination.

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