At first I did not understand what it was

The world is full of negativity, society is accustomed to being afraid of alarming news, instability, wars. Moreover, people want to be afraid, because in a measured life filled with daily routine, there is a lack of adrenaline, from which the heart begins to beat more often.

Unfortunately, there is less time left for creation. To realize the beautiful, you need to tune in to a certain wave, but how can you manage to do everything in everyday fever? One can only hope for those connoisseurs who are still trying to be surprised by the unusual beauty and flight of fantasy. And we have something to offer! We were fascinated by the works of Hussein Shahin.

Since when dreams do not go beyond a good car, a steady income and a cozy nest that no one will ever disturb? Probably, we have forgotten how to really dream.

If you were thinking about something impossible, about another world, if you wanted to be in this, then how would you look like it? Maybe like this?

Istanbul photographer does not just stick together different photos, he creates a new reality, without resorting to fiction: all the pictures are created from objects that exist on our planet.

It is worth saying that many try to do something similar, but Hussein takes naturalness and vivid images that are absolutely understandable. You can believe what you see.

It seems that he managed to create a very realistic surrealism. These photos literally pushing the mind, creating a new space, in a cat you can fit any imagination.

If you could imagine a dream, would it look like one of these photos? We are sure that yes!

Hussein Shahin today has collected almost 55 thousand followers on Instagram - quite a bit compared to Kim Kardashian. Who knows, maybe millions of people who are eagerly awaiting another trick from the puffy beauty will notice you too. We wish you good luck, Hussein! On the pages of the digital artist you can find more surreal collages, as well as video versions of some images.

Date: 06.11.2018, 06:37 / Views: 82191

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