Artificial stone and its features

A relatively young finishing material that allows you to create unique facades of houses, landscapes of homestead territories and stylish interiors of the rooms is an artificial stone. The area of ​​its application is very wide, due to its versatility and operational properties.

It has a relatively low cost, while it is characterized by high decorative qualities, ease of processing and styling, and its weight does not require additional reinforcement structures of the surfaces to be veneered.

Characteristics of an artificial stone

First of all - this is a composite material, which includes several components that determine its type and scope. Thus, we can distinguish the main types of artificial stones:

- products, which are based on polyester resins, and the filler - stone chips;

- a material produced on the basis of cement or colored concrete;

- products having an acrylic base.

It is such artificial materials that perfectly imitate the structure of dolomite, sandstone, slate, marble, granite.

To obtain an artificial stone, the main components are mixed, and then the mixture is poured into molds, which play a large role in the quality of the products. After the mixture is completely hardened, the product is removed and the result is a material that is smooth on one side and has a stone structure on the other.

The strength and durability of the material obtained is not inferior to natural analogues, since its structure has no pores, which eliminates the absorption of moisture, and, as is known, water can destroy the most durable stone. Due to this property, an artificial stone effectively protects any surface from the formation of moss, mold and fungus on it.

The high frost resistance of these products helps to protect the outer walls from damage, and their low thermal conductivity reduces the heat loss of the building and at the same time improves the sound insulation properties of the surfaces they revet. This material is resistant to fire, which significantly increases the fire safety of those objects where it is used.

Artificial stone is characterized by color stability throughout the entire operation, it is explained by the fact that coloring pigments are added to the initial mixture and therefore they are distributed evenly throughout the depth of the product. This is what ensures that the material is not exposed to ultraviolet rays, it does not burn out and does not deform in direct sunlight.

It can be easily laid on the surface of any material, be it brick, wood, concrete or metal. A variety of sizes and shapes allows you to create such a laying, which will have the appearance of a stone monolith, which will give presentability to any facade and exclusivity to the interior decor of the room.

The walls lined with artificial stone, if necessary, can easily be restored without changing their original appearance.

The stylish decoration of fireplaces, door and window openings, corners or individual fragments of the wall is guaranteed to you if you use artificial stone for this purpose. And you can select the material you need for these purposes in the online store of GutHaus, which sells only certified, quality products.

Determine the number and type of product you need, help qualified consultation of the staff of this company. You receive the selected product in a timely manner in any region of Ukraine.

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