An unusual idea for those who like to tie: do-it-yourself poncho cape

Even in summer it is cool. While walking in the evening, put a light cotton or acrylic poncho over your shoulders. The thing does not take much space in the bag and will be an excellent substitute for a cardigan or sweater. It is very easy to knit a poncho of this style; if you do not use decorative elements, you can manage in a night or two.

Measure the desired length and width. Knit a rectangular cloth, and then connect one end of it to the side of the other. Complement the poncho with pom-poms or interesting buttons.

If you are ready to spend more time and effort on the project, add decorative details in the form of knitted flowers, “grandmother's” squares or other favorite motifs. Here are some examples:

The decor and the canvas itself is sewn with a needle or crocheted together. Clasp this poncho is not needed. You can choose any interesting motive, in shape close to a square or a circle.

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