Amazing sculptures from Sergei Bobkov shavings

Find and show your talents is never too late. The real proof of this is the story of the 55-year-old labor teacher of an ordinary provincial school, Sergei Bobkov. His life and career passes in the village Kozhany Krasnoyarsk Krai, Russia. He became famous not only in his native village and on the territory of the country, but also abroad as a talented sculptor who created stunning three-dimensional artistic products from wood chips. For several years now, the artist, who has found his vocation, pleases people with incredibly realistic creations in the form of various animals and birds, the feathers and wool of which are replaced by the finest woody plates processed in a special way.

The first research in the field of art in art, the unique technology of which, by the way, Sergei managed to patent, began nine years ago, when the sculptor was 48 years old. One day he drew attention to the unique properties of wood chips,who could help him to create something special, going beyond the existing ideas about creativity. So the master was noted texture, plasticity and variety of shades of wood material. In addition, it is natural, affordable, while not losing its original aesthetic properties over time. Without delaying the idea indefinitely, Sergey set to work, and as a result the first masterpiece was created - a bird of life-size wood chips captured in a typical dynamic pose.

Prior to this, the artist managed to try a large number of crafts - weaving from a rod, making pottery, artistic wood carving and even furniture production, but the creation of extraordinary wooden sculptures was really close to him. Amazing naturalness and lightness emanate from the exhibits: the wool is realistically fluffy; For almost ten years of his work, the master has made a whole collection of animals and birds, like no one in the whole world.

According to Sergey, it is not interesting for him to do what most people manage, but finding his own way and creating something unusual is quite another thing, it is a great inspiration.

Long before proceeding directly to the creation of a new sculpture, for several months the master has thoroughly studied his subject of interest. He studies textbooks with descriptions and photographs of a selected animal or bird, and also monitors their habits and characteristics in their natural habitat until they become a real expert on this topic.

The history of the production of particle sculpture begins with the creation of a plasticine prototype, which is an almost complete three-dimensional model that serves as a kind of “dummy” for taking measurements that are later transferred to the tree.

The basis of the future product is cut according to the created sketch from the wood bars, which are then covered with wool or feathers. The technology of production and processing of wood chips are quite complex processes. Since the usual chips - the material is very fragile, Sergey has to achieve elasticity and strength by soaking the tree in water.Then from the wet bars cut the thinnest plates, which for some time dry between the pages of school textbooks.

And finally the material is ready, and soon the skilful carver will turn thin plates into fur, fluff or feathers. Each element is approximately 5-8 cm. For greater realism, Sergey treats them with incisors and scissors, so that the external similarity is maximum. Wooden feathers and fur with jewelry precision are glued to the "body" of the future sculpture by the master's hands. The beak and claws are also made from chips glued together from several dozen layers.

According to Sergey Bobkov, chips of various types of wood are suitable for this type of art, but he prefers to work exclusively with Siberian cedar.

Making unusual sculptures makes an artisan to spend 14-18 hours a day in his workshop, laboring hard. A complex, filigree, requiring many skills, strength and inspiration, work brings only satisfaction and joy to Sergei. It takes about 4-6 months for an artist to create one chip masterpiece in the form of a large animal or bird.The sculptor argues that it is especially difficult to work on figures of fur animals. For example, a couple of martens, for the fur of which the master needed 150 thinnest shavings, he created a long 8 months. Sable wool consists of 30 thousand villi, and for the plumage of an eagle it took up to 7 thousand wood chips. One of the last major works - two grouse - the artist did in tandem with his 21-year-old son Artyom.

The chip products, because of their striking external resemblance to their “models,” are often compared to stuffed animals. However, this statement by the artist is not at all to his liking, because his works represent the exact opposite of the stuffed animals of dead animals - they symbolize life and bring beauty and goodness to the world.

The collection of sculptures by Sergey Bobkov is exhibited in the village school, where, besides the locals, tourists and vacationers from the nearest Krasnoyarsk Zagorje resort often come.

The master does not dare to sell the most large-scale offspring, which is not surprising, since it is very difficult to say goodbye to the creation, for which more than six months of work were spent.Small sculptures like wooden flowers and cute owls are offered for purchase. For example, now the site of the sculptor for sale exhibited a composition of three owls, the cost of which is 150 thousand rubles. For comparison, it is worth noting that for one of the most beautiful works of the sculptor - the statue of an eagle - they offered 3 million rubles, but Sergey refused this offer.

The talented Sergey Bobkov has ambitious plans for the future - he dreams of a large art center that will include an exhibition hall, a workshop and a hotel for those who want to learn the tricks of this art form or simply admire the already created masterpieces.

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