Adjustable Bookshelf

Adjustable Bookshelf
The modular adjustable bookshelf, in this guide, is very easy to make, and you can have a fun weekend. The advantage of this shelf is an aluminum frame with tubes that makes it easy to move the racks, so they slide well. As can be seen in the illustrations, the shelves are placed at standard intervals, but nothing prevented us from arranging them all at different heights. Thus, you can make your shelf the way you want. Despite the fact that because of the aluminum frame with tubes, this bookshelf can be costly for you, its manufacturability, durability and aesthetics will allow this piece of furniture to serve you for many years. . If after a while you no longer need this bookshelf, you can turn its individual parts into new interior items. This shelf is not cheap chipboard worktops, which you can find in a large hypermarket and, ultimately, turn into a pile of trash when moving to a new place.Since this shelf can be disassembled into small light elements, it is relatively easy to reassemble it by moving to a new home.


The tools and materials you will need:
  • 36 x 91 x 1.5 cm pine board (or other tree to choose from). Pine plank is best suited for two reasons: it is strong enough and pleases with its aesthetic appearance;
  • 183 cm x 2.5 cm aluminum tubes;
  • mounting supports for through holes 2.5 cm;
  • switches for 2.5 cm tubes;
  • self-tapping screws;
  • liter of wood stain for wood to choose from (in this case polycrystalline satin is used);
  • drilling machine (if you do not have a drilling machine and cutter, you can use an electric drill and a crown);
  • milling cutter 25/30/8;
  • manual grinding machine (and / or sanding pad);
  • n sand paper 180;
  • sandpaper 220;
  • electric drill;
  • hex key 31/86 with a tip size of 5, 5 mm;
  • ruler;
  • pencil.

We mark and drill

Mark and drill
Mark and drill
Mark and drill
We mark and drill
Make symmetrical measurements from the edges of each canvas. It is important that the placement of the holes on each canvas coincides, otherwise problems will arise in further work. The following marks are made on five boards:
  • 4.5 cm in width x 5 cm in length;
  • 4.5 cm in length x 21 cm in width;
  • 77 cm in length x 5 cm in width;
  • 77 cm in length x 21 cm in width.
Drill each of these marks in the center with a 25/30/8 cutter. No marks are made on the sixth board, nor drilling. It will function as the top of the bookshelf.


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