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Buckwheat pancakes, very tasty and fast.

Buckwheat is very tasty and healthy. Buckwheat porridge is a good side dish for various meat dishes.

But sometimes it happens that the meat is eaten, but the buckwheat remains. Mom made something else. And it is worth the buckwheat in a saucepan in the fridge ... And if you make buckwheat porridge pancakes, you can eat them in the place of bread with soup or borsch. Put a piece of sausage on the pancakes and the fine sandwich is ready and waiting for your tea or coffee.


  1. Salted buckwheat.
  2. Egg (for one glass of blender of boiled porridge 1 egg)
  3. Salt, baking powder for dough or soda.
  4. Vegetable oil for frying.
  5. You can add dry seasonings that you like, garlic salt, fresh crushed tea leaves or greens


To cook buckwheat without salt, if there is already cooked buckwheat, which remains from a previously cooked dish, and it contains salt, will also go. The main thing is not to forget that the buckwheat is already salty and not over-salt.

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