A way to increase the size of leather shoes

Recently there was such a nuisance - I bought my daughter's leather demi-season boots. And I wanted to take on the growth, that is, a size larger. They measured them for a long time, picked them up, and as a result they left in the wrong size boots. When they came home, I found that the boots were not so much for growth, and they were almost already small - my big toe on my leg was already resting on the nose of the boot. It's a shame, annoying, and all right. For a long time I did not grieve and found such a way out. I took the usual pliers, wound on the clamping part of the usual rag dipped in water, and put in the boot. It is necessary to insert so that the leather of the boots is stretched, that is, with effort. Instead of pliers, you can take a suitable hard object that will be suitable for stretching shoes to the required size. Now take a regular iron with a steamer, heat it. We put a doubled cotton fabric on the nose of the boots and start steaming, but only gently and without fanaticism. Next, we leave the boots for a day.I can say that after all the manipulations I did, the boots stretched out. Now my daughter's big toe does not rest, but fits comfortably and freely in shoes. I hope that my experience will be useful to you!
 way to increase the size of leather shoes

Date: 10.10.2018, 21:03 / Views: 41382

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