A waterproof blanket made of old jeans is a great idea for a picnic

Relaxing in nature I want to take into account every little thing. During a picnic, a good blanket will not be out of place. It is not necessary to look for it in the store. Having a stock of old jeans in your arsenal, you can sew it yourself. It will be not only beautiful, but also convenient. In addition, also waterproof.

Complemented from the bottom with an old shower curtain, the blanket will also become waterproof. With such a foundation, you can not be afraid of dampness or dew on the grass.

First you need to cut the old jeans into identical squares. Approximately the size of one side of the square should be 18-20 cm. This size was chosen not by chance. This will allow to use when sewing squares with pockets.

Pockets in the ready blanket are very convenient, especially in windy weather. In them, you can add a lot of small things: from handkerchiefs or rubber bands to the wrappers.

Having calculated the size of the blanket, proceed to stitching squares.It is much more convenient to first sew strips of them, corresponding to the width of the blanket, and then stitch them together.

After the main fabric is ready, we smooth the seams and sew the curtain for the shower. We leave a fragment of 1-2 squares in place so that it is possible to turn out the finished blanket. And then sew the seam to the end from the front side.

Our blanket for a picnic is ready. Beautiful and practical, it will become indispensable and will last for many years.

Date: 10.11.2018, 12:52 / Views: 64594

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