A small gift for the New Year

Small gift for the New Year
Tea and chocolate can also be an excellent gift for the New Year. The main thing is to know how to present them. What do you need to create a gift? - Tea (tea with labels was used here, small package, for 25 bags. Accordingly, the size of the gift box was chosen for it). - Chocolate bar. - Colored paper. - White paper sheet . - Whatman. - Gouache. - White threads (50g / 150m). - Hook №2. - Red satin ribbon. - Office knife.
- Red felt-tip pen (you can do without it). - Eraser (it should be new, not ever used, since we will make a stamp out of it). - Scissors. - Glue. - Lighter (burn the ends of the ribbons). - Paintbrush. - Black pen (best of all, if it is gel).
 will be needed to create a gift
Let's start with the" pattern "of the box,in which we place tea and chocolate.
 We draw the drawing paper
We draw the drawing paper, we cut it, we draw it with a stationery knife along the fold lines (it will be much easier and smoother to bend the drawing paper). You can prepare several patterns at once and simultaneously make more than one box.
 cut out
Now, from a sheet of colored paper, cut a rectangle that is 5 mm smaller in height and width than the top cover of the box .
For now, let's put the blank aside and start making a stamp. For this we need only an eraser, a stationery knife and a pencil. On the eraser draw any attribute of the New Year and with the help of a knife carefully remove the excess.
 remove excess
 The stamp itself
The stamp itself is ready. It remains only to apply it to decorate the box. We take the gouache of the same color as the paper on the lid of the box, apply it on a piece of paper with a thin layer, “dip” the stamp and decorate our box.The figure from the stamp can be circled with a red marker, as if shifting the contour by a couple of millimeters, and can be left unchanged.
 box decorations
decorating the box
decorating the box
When the paint is dry, you can glue the box together.
glue box
Now let's do that which does not allow to consider tea and chocolate as such a banal and uninteresting gift - comic instructions for use.
 comical instructions for use
If you want from a small gift to make a gift of larger dimensions, then in addition to the fact that you make according to this MK, you can add a plaid. From such a presentation, surely no one will remain indifferent. For the next step you will need basic crochet skills. According to any scheme found on the Internet or magazines for knitting and which is more understandable and attractive for you,tie the snowflake with white threads.

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