A real magician, a sculptor from Spain, hears stones like plasticine

Our contemporaries, the real talented masters, you need to know. Let's meet today with one of them - José Manuel Lopez Castro (). This Spanish sculptor, artist, or, more precisely, a real magician does something incredible: in some miraculous way he compresses a solid natural stone (granite, quartz) in the way he wants! He can make a “crumpled rag” out of stone, cut a wound on it and even make tears!

It seems that nothing is impossible for a wizard. Cut out a "book" from the stone and see what's inside it? Easily!

Twist the stone in a dizzying whirlwind? Nothing is easier!

One can only guess how Jose achieves such an incredible effect from solid stones. By the way, the master does not reveal his secrets to anyone, and he does not have a student (follower).

Date: 19.10.2018, 20:50 / Views: 81285

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