A lamp, a vase and 5 more items from old slippers!

There are people who indifferently pass by works of art, not noticing beauty, while others even at the sight of rubbish have fantasies and plans to make such wonderful and beautiful things that people can benefit from this rubbish. Once a talented Dutch designer from Rotterdam, relaxing at a Kenyan resort, saw a pile of colorful slippers that were nailed to the coast.


These are modern bright slippers, which are sometimes called “flip flops”. Flip-flops are very colorful inexpensive shoes, which are used by all vacationers. And of course, if while bathing they will be washed away with a wave from their feet, no one will surely dive behind them. In view of the fact that they are very light and do not sink in water, the sea throws them back to the ground. Kenyans collect them to clear the area.


So he conceived of using torn waste slippers in the manufacture of vases, lamps and even furniture, turning them into works of art. Of course, in the form in which we see them on the coast, can not be used.At first, the slippers are well washed, dried, sorted by color, and then polished, because only the flat part of the slippers is used. And only then there is a creative process of producing magnificent vases and lamps. This is a hard work for the grinding wheel, cutting, gluing, and for the fixtures also the subtle work of installing electrics, is completed with great success. Abandoned slaps from the East African coast in skillful and talented hands turn into stunning objects of art and along with other works participate in the exhibition in Milan, where they receive worldwide fame.

A great help to the designer was provided by the Kenyan company UniquEco, which collects litter on the coast, thus the project helps to clean up the area and earn money for the simple Kenyans. After all, they not only collect rubbish and slippers, but also carry out now the primary processing of the material (cleaning, sorting and grinding). The designer realized his dream and created magnificent colorful and volumetric flower vases, as well as amazing floor and pendant lamps.

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