9 tips from Helena Sanzharovskoy, which just lose weight

Fitness guru spoke about the basics of proper nutrition and effective workouts. Those who reach the end of the article are in for a surprise.

For several hundred years, women around the world have been looking for the most sophisticated ways to lose weight and gain the cherished elastic buttocks and a flat stomach. Around the topic of weight loss formed a great many different myths, and every year their number increases.

The largest service of electronic and audio booksLitersand a popular blogger, a fitness trainer with 27 years of experience and the author of the book Life Without Fat, or Eat After Six! How to lose weight permanently and not go crazy "Elena Sanzharovskayawill help you take the first steps to improve yourself and will delight you with a surprise that you will learn about at the end of the article.

1. First step - define your goal!

So, you are determined to get rid of annoying fat. What's next? The main thing - figure it out with a goal. With a specific goal to work on yourself and move on much easier.The goals can be different: lose a few kilograms, completely change your figure, give it a relief, or become a model of a fitness bikini and start Instagram with millions of subscribers.

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2. What is important is not weight, but body mass index.

Many girls believe that losing a few kilograms will lead them to the body of a dream, but this is not so. Weight is not an objective indicator of your body condition. If only because the muscles are much heavier than fat. And if you were thin before the sport, but at the same time an untrained girl with flabby buttocks and sagging hands, then you could weigh a little and look not very attractive.

Therefore, I recommend that you approach the transformation of yourself from a scientific point of view. There is an indisputable criterion that you can easily calculate - the body mass index. This is an objective indicator that allows you to understand whether the weight corresponds to height: just take your weight in kilograms and divide it by the square of height in meters. The body mass index is normally between 18.5 and 25.

3. The only way to lose weight is to create a calorie deficit.

Remember - there is only one healthy way to lose weight. This is a calorie deficit.That is, for the day you need to absorb calories less than you spend.

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4. Forget diets with names.

However, it is impossible to create a calorie deficit using well-known diets with a sonorous name or those whose essence is the consumption of only one specific product. There are a huge number of such diets: from primitive types of buckwheat, rice, apple, kefir to supposedly medical diets. Dukan was deprived of the title of doctor in France, and Atkins died from overeating! Any such diet can lead to the fact that after some time after its completion you will gain even more extra pounds.

To a beautiful, sexy, elastic body can only lead to proper nutrition and a reasonable combination of strength and cardio.

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5. Broke off - do not stop!

No breakdown should stop you. And if it happened, keep doing what you started, consistently. You will have the opportunity in some days to arrange for yourself the so-called refids (increase in the amount of carbohydrates consumed) or chitmyla (the time when you can afford your favorite sweets).But even in the days of the most desperate breakdowns, do not forget about healthy habits. At least one. A hearty lunch with a sweet does not cancel the run and the right dinner.

6. About the frequency of meals

Many of us have heard that losing weight is ineffective if you use the standard scheme three times a day. However, recent studies of scientists have shown that the intensity of weight loss with proper nutrition is the same for those who eat three times a day, and those who make five meals, but in smaller portions. However, I still recommend eating a little every three hours.

What for?

·less chance of overeating;

·no feeling of heaviness in the stomach;

·no strong feeling of hunger;

·It is easier to keep a balance between nutrition and physical activity

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7. There are chronic diseases - consultation of the doctor before the start of training is required

If you have chronic diseases, be sure to go to a doctor before you start training and find out everything about their features. This will help build an effective cardio and strength training program without harm to health.

For example, in case of varicose veins, it is important to avoid shock loads and tension of the legs.Forget about running, jumping, exercise bike, aerobics and intensive strength training. At the same time, try to walk more, keeping track of your health and not overworking. Choose exercises against varicose veins, which facilitate the outflow of blood from the legs and increase the contractility of the calf muscles. The best choice is “Bike” or “Scissors”. Moreover, a properly selected load will not only allow you to maintain shape, but also contribute to the treatment of the disease.

8. Wrap, corset and EMS will not replace simulators.

The question about the hoop is one of the most painful. Many see this cheap fixture as a panacea. In reality, with the help of a hoop, you will not “get rid of the abdomen,” you will not reduce waist volume, you will not lose weight naturally, but you will know for sure what hematomas are. Especially if your choice fell on a heavy massage hoop. The damage, it would seem, from bruises is small, they pass, but such injuries can provoke scarring of the subcutaneous tissue, which may well manifest itself in the form of tuberosity of the stomach.

About corsets also need to forget. Their wearing disrupts the work of the internal organs, the lymph and blood circulation, the liver suffers, and the back muscles are damaged.Shortness of breath is a common cause of impaired brain function and can cause headaches and fainting.

Many also believe in the effectiveness of EMS training, or training with the use of electrical muscle stimulation. In other words, in favor of the use of special belts and simulators to create a relief press. All these gadgets have one thing in common: they simply do not work, because fatty tissue cannot be reduced by surface mechanical action.

About corsets also need to forget. Their wearing disrupts the work of internal organs, lymph and blood circulation, the liver suffers, the back muscles are damaged

9. Pick up a training program based on your body type.

To obtain a specific result from training, it is equally important to know what type you are in according to the following classification: mesomorph, ectomorph or endomorph.

Mesomorphs with genetics are lucky: they have a sporty, strong, compact and naturally slim body, excellent posture. Often their shoulders are wider than their hips, and women, as a rule, have an hourglass figure.

Girls with this type of shape should focus on working out individual muscle groups with isolated exercises. Do not forget about the base, to increase muscle mass.It is ideal to combine basic exercises at a fast pace with isolation, that is, exercises aimed at working out one specific muscle or group of muscles.

If you are an ectomorph in nature, it is difficult for you to build muscle mass, but narrow bones and excellent metabolism make you slim without much effort - you always look that way.

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If you want to increase the mass, increase the number of calories in general and carbohydrates in particular. This will help avoid muscle catabolism. Training should be intense and last no longer than 45–60 minutes. Focus on the base, for each group of muscles you need to do 4-6 approaches for 6-8 repetitions, this will ensure the greatest possible progress.

Endomorphs are most often all the girls in the body and prone to corpulence. They have a slower metabolism, they easily gain excess weight, and they have to work hard to keep themselves in shape.

If you are an endomorph, you may have a harder time than the others, but don't despair! Start or continue to eat right and train. You just need to workout in the mode of fat loss (12−15 and more repetitions).

P. S. In general, I do not like the word "weight loss".I think that it is better to replace it with the word “improvement”, because if you think about the origin of the word, you will understand that to lose weight means to become thin, that is, “bad, nondescript, weak”, and we only want to become better!

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