9 serious mistakes in manicure that every woman allows

Beautiful manicure is not the same as the right one. What should I avoid during the procedure?

1. Trim the cuticle

Manicurists, who can call themselves professionals, tirelessly assert that a manicure cannot be done. This is explained very simply. The cuticle is a strip of skin that protects the root of the nail from dirt. Cropping the cuticle, we deprive the nails of this protection. At the same time, the cuticle should not be left completely untouched either. It is important, for example, to peel it with the help of special means-removers that help remove dead skin cells and give the cuticle a neater appearance.

2. Saw nails "back and forth"

It seems to do absolutely everything. To quickly shorten regrown nails, they are quickly sawed in two directions, which cannot be done. Experts say that because of this, the nail is damaged, microcracks appear on it, making it weaker and brittle. Correctly saws nails in one direction, starting from one of the corners and advancing to the second.It requires more time and patience, but it keeps the nails healthy.

3. Apply thick varnish

It is better to apply three or four thin layers than two thick, thicker ones. Thin layers will dry much faster, and thick ones will begin to bubble and due to the fact that they take more time to dry, they create the risk of spoiling the manicure. Grease the varnish will be easy.

4. Shake the vial with varnish

To make the varnish a little more liquid and therefore convenient to apply, you do not need to shake the bottle up and down. Because of this, small air bubbles appear in the thickness of the varnish. After application, it will bubble up on the nails, and a hilly manicure is not needed very much. Instead, just roll a bottle of varnish in your palms.

5. Leave the tips of the nails without treatment

To keep the lacquer longer, not pricking, you need to "seal" the nails at the tips. Starting the application of a topcoat, brush a couple of times around the edge of your nails to create a kind of protection from chipping and cracking. This trick helps to extend the life of a classic manicure.

6. Carelessly apply coating finish.

Due to the fact that the finish coating is transparent, it is applied to the nails no longer with such care as colored lacquer.It is not visible at first. When all the varnish layers are dry, the fact that you have gone beyond the border of color will become noticeable. In addition, it is in those areas where there is no varnish under the finish coating, it begins to flake off and chip faster, so that the manicure can not survive for a long time because of this negligence.

7. Dry nails in cold water

Contact with cold water only changes the consistency of nail polish, but does not help it to dry. This is because, in fact, it does not dry, but gradually hardens under the influence of oxygen. And for this to happen, it is better to keep your hands in the water, not in the water. However, having done a manicure a couple of hours ago, it is better to wash your hands in cold water. Because of the warm nail plate may expand, and the layer of varnish with its size does not change. Fresh manicure for this reason spoils faster.

8. Use cotton buds.

Many people think that the easiest way to get rid of blots is to moisten the cotton swab in the liquid to remove the varnish and to erase the colored traces left on the skin. However, cotton swabs are quite large, and by careless movement you can erase the excess already on the nail itself. Professionals are advised to use thin brushes for nail art, if you need something to fix or clean up.

9. Cut gel polish

If a manicure salon offers to cut gel-lacquer in order to get rid of it more quickly and start to update the manicure, this should be abandoned. And to change the master. Together with the gel-lacquer, the upper part of the nails is often cut down. This, of course, spoils them, makes them more subtle and weak.

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