8 transformations of the old cabinet that will save your budget

If you have an old bookcase at your dacha, which has not been used for a long time for its intended purpose, then why not think about its reconstruction? The skillful transformation of old furniture always saves the budget. As a result, you will have an interesting and in fact new thing that can still serve as faith and true for many years!

Amazing new wardrobe

The simplest idea is to reconstruct the old bookcase into a new wardrobe. These are always not enough, especially if the family is large.

Original bench

A bit of inspiration, a couple of hours of work, and you will have a new street bench!

Unusual flower garden

And from the old bookcase you can make such an original street flower garden. There you can grow herbs.

Small tea table

Inside which you can store books and newspapers.

New universal shelf

Take a close look at this idea.This is already more than just a bookcase - it is a real construction of several types of furniture, successfully harmonizing and working smoothly.

Date: 09.10.2018, 23:26 / Views: 51585

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