8 things you can give a second life in the country

Old things that are traditionally taken to the country, you need to use, and not to leave for eternal storage in the barn. We collected 8 practical ideas on how to use unnecessary things. Read and make the suburban life better!

1 Old Barrel Barrel, canister, cistern ...

In general, any capacity in the country need to collect water. It is especially effective to put such barrels under the drainpipes, then you will pick up all the water that has fallen on your roof for irrigation. Especially important for those who at the summer cottage there are interruptions in the supply of water.

2 Pipes

From the pipes themselves can be collected support for the plants. In the picture, gardeners have adapted a design for growing cucumbers, and if you plant ornamental climbing plants, you can make a gazebo.

3 Old wheels

There are many ways to apply for car tires, and try to make a flower pot from the rim. You can decorate such a vase with paints or a mosaic (for which bottles or old cups will be useful, is also a way to reuse trash).

First, clean the wheel, paint with metal paint, then decorate the mosaic with adhesive for metal surfaces.

Cover the mosaic with grout. Lay out the inner surface of polyethylene, in which you want to make holes for drainage. Then pour the soil and plant the plants.

4 Flower pots

From old broken pots you can make unrealistically beautiful compositions, if you place shards on several levels, each of which is planted with plants, and add a couple of fantastic figures for decoration.

5 Empty Bottles

For colored glass bottles, there are at least two new uses: decorate garden paths or beds with a fence of bottles; adapt the bottle for irrigation: if you fill the bottle with water and stick it in the ground next to the plant, the soil will clog the neck and the water will slowly seep in and moisten the roots.

6 Old refrigerator

When the refrigerator stops working, and the master says that you cannot restore it, ask a specialist to remove the compressor. And send the refrigerator to the area, make holes in the upper and lower walls into which you insert the pipes (for ventilation).

Why such preparations? Then, that a partially idle fridge, buried in the ground, will become a good storage for potatoes.

7 Old stump

The remaining stumps on the plot can be turned into a support for the tabletop, an unusual seat or just an element of the landscape, if you plant moss or flowers on the stump. It is necessary to gouge a recess and drill holes for drainage, lay the soil and plant any plants. Flowerbed ready.

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