7 real life videos proving the power of love

Prepare scarves and gather strength - crying will have to sob!

These stories will help us to dispel sad thoughts and gain confidence in life, drive away despair and pessimism. In each of them lies something special, which touches us by the heart and causes unknown feelings. And it turns out that human happiness is never small: it is huge, like the world around it.

Offer to stepdaughter

A six-year-old Isadora from Brazil will probably remember her mother's wedding day Nicole and Diego Balanta for life. He met Nicole three years ago and immediately fell in love with this woman. He was not at all embarrassed by the fact that she alone was raising a daughter. On the contrary, Diego tried to win the location of the baby. And on his wedding day with Nicole, he approached Isadora, knelt in a knightly manner before the girl and quietly but distinctly asked: “Isadora, do you agree to become my daughter forever?” There was a sparkling ring in his outstretched hand.She, not expecting such a surprise, was deeply moved, burst into tears, barely squeezing out the word "yes."

Stepmother brought the boy to tears

The wedding of a US Marine sergeant and senior pilot Emily Lien, which took place in New York, will probably be remembered not only by the relatives and friends of the young ones. She touched the hearts of many netizens when the video of this event became publicly available. It was at Emily's wedding that she swore an oath to the four-year-old son of the groom: “I want you to be always safe and try your best to become a good person. I hope that you will understand what a special boy you are. You are very smart, beautiful and always kind to others. ” The baby did not even wait for the end of the speech, burst into tears and hugged the stepmother. And the last words she said to him in a tender ear: "I did not give you life, but life gave me you."

Wheelchair-bound bridegroom made a surprise to the bride

Great is the power of love! This personally had to make sure the friends and relatives of Kent Stephenson, who came to his wedding with Misty Richerson. In 2009, Kent, participating in motorcycle races, suffered a spinal injury, which chained a young man to a wheelchair.But Misty, with whom, by the way, he had only met for a few months, did not leave him in trouble. She was always there and, with her love and care, helped Kent after the operation even to stand a little on her feet. And on the wedding day, the grateful groom decided to give her an unexpected surprise. He proved his deep love for Misty by finding the strength to dance with her. Although the dance did not last long, everyone present was moved to tears.

Declaration of love to the daughter of the bride

The wedding of Jefferson and Jessica went on as usual: the bridegroom in a strict classical costume, the newlywed in a chic dress, a lot of guests - in general, the usual picture of the celebration, which was prepared for so long and finally took place. Everyone was in possession of a festive and elated mood, and suddenly, like a bolt from the blue, the groom, very worried, confesses that he wants to confess his love not only to the only and unique Jessica, but to another person in the hall. Perhaps the bride's parents nervously sighed, anticipating the mean trick. But their tense faces melted into a smile when Jefferson addressed the eight-year-old daughter of Jessica, Giovanna, with the following words: “I will always love you, care for you and protect you. I will save you from all bad things. ”The girl, not expecting such a turn of events, burst into tears in a fit of reciprocal feelings. Probably, it is not necessary to be an expert on Portuguese language in order to be imbued with this touching scene captured on video.

Most sensitive groom

Gabriel Deca from London promised his mother (and even argued!) That he would not cry on her wedding day with Anabella, a beloved girlfriend. But apparently, the groom's mother knew the son well. Gabriel let a tear in the church of St. Martin in Trafalgar Square, barely seeing the bride, who was heading for the altar. Anabella seemed to him to be a creature who had descended from heaven, a precious gift that Gabriel was now destined to possess. And tears from the turbulent flow of feelings poured from the eyes of a bearded and respectable groom almost as a stream. In vain, his faithful friend and best man Togu Ige tried to calm him down. The example of a sensitive groom was so contagious that all those gathered in the church had their eyes in a wet place. And the bride was really good, she just decorated the solemn wedding.

Paralyzed bride performed the first dance in her life

She was charming in her wedding pale pink dress.On her gentle shoulders lay hair lush like a fairy-tale mermaid. And Jackie for the first time in 17 years, which she spent in a wheelchair, spun in dance with her beloved fiance. This wedding was a real miracle for the girl, for her loved ones. Once a trauma in the pool, as a result of which the spine was broken, made her disabled. But, as a former athlete, Jackie retained the strength and the will to fight the disease. “The first time I decided to go back to the gym, I sat on an exercise bike. My legs could not pedal fast enough, and the simulator was turned off, ”says Jackie. “I was so upset that I laid my head on the simulator and cried.” She achieved a lot during this time, and on the wedding day decided to surprise everyone. Jackie got out of the wheelchair, and the barely restraining groom invited the beautiful bride to dance. They didn’t turn for long : the future husband gently hugged her, trying to keep his future wife at every turn, and everyone understood that Jackie would soon be completely on her feet to prove to herself, people an incredible craving for life, the ability to find happiness in any situation.

Wedding be even without a groom!

The American Shelby Spink never expected that her fiance (pun!) Would act like a pig: one week before the appointed wedding, she would absolutely refuse to marry. And, as if mocking a poor girl, he adds that he never loved her. Although they met for three years. Shelby bitterly admits: “Wham! And all my dreams of family and marriage with the person with whom I was going to spend my whole life were instantly destroyed. I was shocked and had no idea what to do next. I was completely confused. The next few days I had to spend calling the guests and suppliers. ” But every cloud has a silver lining! The wedding photographer suggested not to postpone the day of the intended celebration, but to spite the former groom a bright and memorable photo session full of cheerful, girlish madness. And November 1, 2014 was the day of holiday vengeance to all unfaithful men. "Encouraged" by the family, which took an active part in this celebration, Shelby mocked with her close friends at her luxurious wedding dress, smearing it with colors and posing in front of the camera. A funny photo shoot of the bride was soon put on the net.And she, I must say, amused many deceived girls. And for Shelby Spink, she became a kind of slap in the face of the former fiancé, who might have bitten her elbows, that she missed such a charming bride.

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