7 exercises X 10 minutes a day = slimness for 4 weeks

It is sometimes difficult to choose exercises that will help to tone the abdominal muscles, or, for example, the shoulder girdle. It is even more difficult to find time to complete them! But there are 7 simple exercises in which absolutely all the muscles of the body work, and it will take no more than 10 minutes a day for training!

1. Planck

Planck is a great exercise to pump the buttocks, back and arms. In just 60 seconds, it warms up the entire body and is surprisingly simple to perform.

To make the bar according to all the rules:

  • Put your palms in the lock.
  • Spread your elbows at shoulder width.
  • Straighten your back and make sure your buttocks are tense during the entire exercise time.
  • Hold position for 60 seconds.

2. Pushups

Pushups are great for maintaining chest and arm muscles. To do everything right:

  • Spread your arms shoulder width across the floor.
  • Go down until the shoulder is in a parallel position to the floor.
  • Return to the starting position.

3. Squats

To perform squats:

  • Stand up straight, legs slightly wider than shoulder width.
  • Put your hands in front of you in the lock.
    Do not round the back so as not to overload the lower back. Keep your posture straight.
  • Slightly pull the hips back and begin to bend the knees. Your knees should be exactly above your toes.
  • Take your pelvis back as if you are sitting on an invisible chair.
  • Try to lower the pelvis below the knee level.

4. Turns with the ball

Here is another great exercise for you. All you need to do:

  • Stand with your back to the wall.
  • Bend your knees slightly.
  • Pick up the medical ball (medball) and hold it at chest level.
  • Slowly make turns to the sides, holding the ball in front of you.

5. Exercise "On all fours."

This is a wonderful exercise for the buttocks and thighs. For best results, use cuff weights for legs and arms.

  • Stand on all fours, the distance between the palms is shoulder width.
  • Your body should form a straight line, from the top of the head to the tailbone.
  • Gently pull back and straighten your left leg.
  • At the same time, straighten your right hand.
  • Hold this position for 5 seconds.
  • Return to the starting position.
  • Do the exercise with your right foot and left hand.

6. Exercise "Asleep Beetle"

Despite the strange name, this exercise will also strengthen your muscles well. To do this, you will have to take a position that resembles a beetle lying on your back. Funny, do not argue, but we highly recommend to try!

  • Lie on your back, straighten your arms in front of you and touch your knees with your palms.
  • Lower the right leg so that it almost touches the floor, and at the same time extend your right hand back. Left hand and foot remain in the same position.
  • Return to the starting position, then work the left side.

7. Exercise "Dog muzzle down"

If you are familiar with the yoga pose “Dog face down”, you will be happy to find time for this exercise in your daily routine. It will perfectly help to work out the muscles of the back, buttocks and hips.

  • Get up on all fours, transfer weight to your feet.
  • Lift one leg up, as in the top photo.
  • Bend this leg, lifting the knee to the chest.
  • Repeat on the other side.

4 week plan.

Now you have 7 exercises, go to the 4-week plan to bring the body into tone and shape!

Week 1:

Within 6 days:

  • 2 minutes of the bar;
  • 1 minute push ups;
  • 1 minute "Asleep Beetle";
  • 1 minute "Dog face down";
  • 1 minute turns with the ball;
  • 2 minutes plank.

Take a break between exercises in 10 seconds.

Week 2:

Vary the following exercise blocks for 6 days.

Block 1:

  • 3 minutes plank;
  • 3 minutes "Asleep Beetle";
  • 3 minutes "Dog muzzle down."

Take a break between exercises in 15 seconds.

Block 2:

  • 3 minutes turns with the ball;
  • 3 minutes push ups;
  • 3 minutes "Dog muzzle down."

A pause between exercises for 15 seconds.

Week 3:Repeat exercises of the 1st week.

Week 4:Repeat exercise for the 2nd week.

If you start exercising 10 minutes a day every day, in 4 weeks you will look and feel better than ever before! Good luck!

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