50 Cool options for IKEA Kura crib

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Baby bedsIKEA Kurahave gained popularity with their simplicity and practicality, like manyIKEAproducts. There are many interesting ideas for the transformation of this bed, which will suit both little princesses and young knights.Make-Self.netgathered for you50 best ideasthat you can bring to life.




There is an option that someone will not want to buy a bed in the store because of the high price or the desire to make it yourself. And you will prove to be right. Why overpay if you can collect it from a regular pine timber, bought in a hardware store. The quality will not match the factory, but you will save a lump sum. The choice is yours, friends!

Date: 15.10.2018, 10:24 / Views: 31454

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