4 ways to beautifully arrange the light in the living room

Fashion is fickle and capricious. And now, at the peak of popularity, something that had recently seemed incompatible, absurd, going beyond the limits of established traditions. However, it is possible that it is precisely this going beyond the limits of the generally accepted that is the starting point of real art.

Loft as a lifestyle

The trend of the last decade has become a variety of variations in the loft style. This direction appeared in Europe in the middle of the last century, when production premises adapted for housing suddenly began to enter the fashion. The brick and stone walls, good lighting, high ceilings with a set of beams, metal pipes and fixtures still remain characteristic features of the loft style.

Being in the 40s the object of attention of American bohemians, loft direction with unexpected enthusiasm was picked up by European designers. Now it was not the industrial premises that were brought to the state of living quarters, but the living quarters were carefully disguised as abandoned factory areas.

Light in the living room

By the end of the twentieth century, interest in loft space began to fade away, but soon it was revived again on the crest of a new trend - a combination of a shocking loft with luxury items. Expensive vases of Chinese porcelain on the background of brick walls, exquisite furniture made of precious wood - surrounded by metal plumbing and ventilation pipes, exquisite lamps under the ceiling of hewn wooden beams, amazing beauty fabric draperies on the background of wooden stairs and carelessly barred windows.

Loft style living room lamps

Such a contrast to many fans of the original novelties liked. By the end of the twentieth century, studio-style apartments and living rooms in respectable houses were most often drawn up in loft-style. And now, more and more new variants of the original loft combinations are being born. The goal of the designer working in this direction is to revive the cold and faceless factory interior, to breathe life into it, to make it play with new colors.

Light in the living room

This helps the ability to correctly place accents, extremely accurately picking up furniture, putting out the light and placing some decor elements.And one of the most popular combinations was the use of elegant and expensiveloft lampsin interiors.

As a rule, we are talking about canons of the loft direction:

  • chandeliers;
  • sconce
  • floor lamps;
  • lamps on the bus bar;
  • nightlights;
  • spotlights;
  • highlights.

At the same time, commercially available lofts can be divided into expensive styling for unpretentious simplicity, the creation of which uses costly materials in principle, and relatively inexpensive, but not less quality ones.

The first ones are often made to order and are used for their design:

  • forging elements;
  • expensive tree species;
  • ornamental and semi-precious stones.

Lamps of the second category are made of metal, wood, plastic, glass. This is a whole arsenal of original variations within the boundaries of a given topic.

Light in the living room

4 categories of loft-style lighting for the living room

In addition, there are at least 4 luminaire options for living rooms. This is:

  1. Vintage: ceiling lights, reminiscent of the shape and design of the spotlight, and pendant - made in the form of fans or lamps with a simple metal shade - reminders of the light sources used once in the factory premises of America of the 40s of the last century. These products are characterized by a complete absence of decorative elements and maximum simplicity of form.
  2. Modernity with Hi-Tec elements: ceiling and pendant lamps of the modern look, various lights made of metal, glass and plastic, sometimes with elements inherent in high-current. They are not intended to create an image of factory floors. On the contrary, they modernize the loft interior, giving it some intrigue, grotesque and style.
  3. Neutral classic: a classic look of chandeliers, floor lamps and wall lamps without excess decorative elements. Such lamps fit into loft-interiors without any problems, while not complementing (as in the first case) and not defining the main image of the interior composition (as in the second), but remaining practically neutral elements that do not carry a semantic load.
  4. The Art of Contrast: Expensive and elegant lighting fixtures are emphasized, includingTiffany style.

Tiffany's Fairy Tale

Light in the living room

Nothing can liven up a simple brick wall pattern as warm as the cheerful glare of artful mosaic multi-colored glass lamp shades. It is worth recalling that the world owes the tradition of creating expensive and exquisite mosaic plafonds made of special colored glass to Louis Tiffany, the son of the head of the company selling jewelry.

Louis did not follow in the footsteps of his famous parent, but, being a talented artist and passionate about the beauty and suppleness of ordinary glass, he organized his own stained glass workshop. Then he invented several new types of decorative glass and created his illustrious style, based on the features of glass fastening in 3D products, soon to come in handy for creating an amazing beauty of lamp shades.

Prices for genuine works of the master, put up at prestigious auctions, today make up hundreds of thousands of dollars. At the same time, modern works made in his style by other manufacturers are a very expensive purchase. So, lamps with Tiffany lampshades are elegant, sophisticated compositions of color and light, capable in any room to provide an atmosphere of comfort and respectability.

Light in the living room

Today you can find Tiffany style products on sale:

  • floor lamps;
  • pendant and ceiling lights;
  • nightlights;
  • table lamps.

These are compositions with plants, animals or insects. Refined, delicate, but at the same time easily combined with any interiors.

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