34 simple tips that will make your home more convenient! Number 11 is a fairy tale ...

It is not a pity to spend time and efforts on home improvement. After all, the pleasure that you receive when you look at neatly and stylishly laid out things is incomparable. The beauty of lines and colors combined with the perfect order is what creates the atmosphere of comfort in the house.

If you use these tips, the situation will change - it will be easier to find the necessary and more pleasant to look around ... Particularly interesting are these design finds for people who are lucky enough to live in a private house.

  • Socket in the drawer!

  • Extra table and space under it in the bathroom.

  • Free library for neighbors and those who are interested in bookcrossing.

  • Tile in the showerwhich changes color depending on temperature. Beauty…

  • A way to conveniently store paper towels.

  • This box hides the outlet! Very aesthetically and safely, useful for those who have small children.

  • The shelf in the long corridor must be used!

  • Folding dryersoccupying a minimum of space.

  • Door for baby or pet.

  • More natural light!

  • Toilet bowl with individual seats, decorated in the form of inlays. Wow!

  • Door connecting the kitchen and garage.

  • A stainless steel sheet will give your home appliances a more representative appearance.

  • Do not forget to tidy up the foundation ... That's so much better.

  • Recessed socketswill give the opportunity to move the furniture closer to the wall.

  • Another nice optionplacement of outlets.

  • Royal style shower.

  • Spices and oil should be stored close to the stove! Comfortable organization of the kitchen - a pledge of delicious dishes.

  • Have you noticed this little tunnel?

  • Stylish compact beds. They do not compare with the usual two-tier.

  • Specialcleaning cabinetin the kitchen.

  • Replace the old house number with a modern one. The house is younger before our eyes!

  • The sign on the bathroom door will be the guiding star for guests.

  • Window in the staircase! Oh, this will be my favorite place ...

  • The lamp must match the general mood.

  • Use lockers likeinstallation placeshiding wires and sockets inside furniture. Very comfortable and looks neat.

  • Kitchen drawer- cutting board!

  • Step for the child.

  • Hinged stoolsave space in the kitchen.

  • Create additional boxes wherever you like.

  • Mirror tilelooks like a window.

  • Summer shower is an essential element of the courtyard near a private house.

  • Shower for dirty shoes and stained dog legs.

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