3 reasons to choose a ladder on the stairs

Stairs in the Balts

When you design the inter-floor message, you must consider the features of the interior and room layout. Choosing high-tech style as a design solution, many owners of houses, cottages and apartments prefer staircases on the Bolets. Such designs are distinguished by ergonomics and compactness and allow rationally organizing space. The project of boltsev stairs was first developed in Germany, in German the word bolz means bolt, it is this part that is the main fastener that allows the structure to be placed in the living room space. Unlike heavy and bulky traditional frames, boltsevs are characterized by lightness and elegance.

Simplicity and Reliability

Most of the stairs on the Bolets consist of the following structural and decorative elements: connecting steps of pins, metal or wooden parts,employees for fastening and supporting protruding parts, flat discs or rings (flanges) with holes for bolts. An important condition for reliable installation of the ladder design is the presence of a load-bearing wall constructed of durable building materials. In addition, the product can be attached to the ceiling beam using strands or placed on steel rod supports. Feet of stairs on the Bolets are usually made of wood, handrails and railings are made of steel, triplex, ropes or plastic, and fasteners are made of metal.

Despite the simplicity of the design, the staircase structures have a high level of strength, they are able to withstand loads up to 1800 kg They are installed not only in miniature attic and utility rooms, but also in spacious living rooms. Convenient and reliable stairs on the walls are especially relevant for small apartments and houses - they save space. Products are quite easy to repair - the damaged stage can be removed and replaced without dismantling the structure.

Visual ease and aesthetics of the staircase

L-shaped staircase with a platformChoosing the right ladder for the pain, it is worthwhile to focus on the interior of the room and the features of the furniture composition. Ergonomic models are characterized by ease and aesthetic appeal, the absence of heavy parts contributes to external elegance. Due to high payloads, such structures are often installed in offices, restaurants, hotels and other public institutions. It is advisable to entrust the manufacture and installation of stairs to the Bolz specialists, these include qualified employees of FEB. More information about the services of the enterprise can be found here. Before proceeding with the design of the product, a professional should take measurements of the premises and create a 3D layout. It is worth noting that the design, well-designed and made of high-quality materials, can withstand both static and dynamic type of load.

Reasonable prices

Installing the stairs on the bridge is considered a fairly democratic solution. The cost of the product is influenced by the presence of hangers and rod supports, configuration features, as well as the material for the manufacture of steps, handrails and mounting bolts.The installation of the structure is quite simple, first of all it is necessary to drill holes in the wall and fix the bolts on which the whole frame will hold. Then you need to install the steps, place the decorative elements, sand and varnish the details. However, installing the ladder yourself, there is a risk of making a number of serious mistakes, which can later lead to rapid wear or breakage of the product. Therefore, it is desirable to entrust the installation to experienced professionals who use high-quality high-tech equipment in their work.

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