21 lampshades that completely change the mood in the room

Light is one of the most important elements of design. He creates a mood in the room, correcting many of the flaws. Design the lamps with original lampshades, and the room will be transformed. Before you, 21 proof that a lamp or lampshade can completely transform your home.

Ribbon wicker shade

Restore an old lamp or whip around the base for the lampshade. The edges of the ribbon slightly melt with a lighter so that they do not crumble. After finishing the weaving, hide the beginning and end of the weaving inside the lampshade.

Lamp from tulle

This light and airy material diffuses light perfectly. Make such a lamp from an old skirt or new fabric bought specifically for the project. Likewise, old tulle can be used.

Lace lampshades

Do you know how to crochet or have an impressive collection of lace napkins? Make an original lamp. The frame can be used ready.And you can glue over the napkins, the balloon soaked in glue, and after drying, remove it.

Lamps from old films

In the era of digital photos, old films may seem useless trash. Use them to create lamps of incredible design. Just do not forget to digitize all the memorable images!

New reading of classical forms

An old chandelier with annoying shades will look interesting if you cover it with matte paint and add bright details. Use matte lamps, they will do without the lampshades.

Another option is to make the chandelier of the usual silhouette of an unusual material. It can be wood, cardboard or plastic.

The principle of the house of matches

In my childhood many people did this. Replace matches with long sticks or tubules to build similar constructions.

From what was

Different things can be part of the original design. Glue together a lot of small items to get a lampshade, casting interesting shadows on the walls.

You are unlikely to use all the nozzles from the food processor. From the extra you can make an incredible lamp.

A lamp with such a leg can be completely left without a lampshade. Label it with an empty frame.

Everything is flowering

With artificial flowers you need to be careful. In a vase or on a wall, they will not always look elegant. But as a decoration lamp composition sparkle with new colors.

Try to pick up such plants, which are made in natural colors.

Jute Rope Weave

This lampshade will give the room warmth and comfort. Use a base for a lampshade and a thin rope. Secure the edges with a hot gun.

Add an original decor to a lamp.

If you are still afraid to take on a long-term project, decorate the standard inexpensive lamp shade from the store. Here are some interesting ideas.

Clothespin shade

Fasten the wooden clothespins around the base from an empty aluminum can. You can use this method to create candlesticks.

Chandelier for music lover

Use an old drum kit ... or a toy that looks like it.

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