20+ culinary tricks that will save you time and nerves

Many people know that it takes time to prepare any dish, but this time can be shortened if you follow some culinary tips.

Here you can learn how to quickly clean vegetables and fruits, how to preserve the freshness of products, how to quickly cool drinks, and much more.

Try these tricks, and maybe you will save yourself valuable time.

Secrets in the kitchen

1. Freeze coffee for soft drinks.

Make coffee, let it cool a little and fill it with ice cakes. When you want to drink a cold coffee drink, just put a few cubes in a glass and add water or milk.

2. Fresh Cookies

If you have prepared homemade cookies and want it to retain its freshness for a long time, put a piece of bread in a container with this cookie. The bread will absorb moisture and your cookies will stay fresh for a longer period.

3. How to keep fresh bananas

Wrap the packaging (food) film of the tail of bananas. Every time you tear a new banana from the bunch, wrap the tails with film.

4. Freeze grapes to cool white wine.

If you need to cool the wine quickly on a hot day, it’s good to have some frozen grapes in the freezer. It is better to use white grapes. Instead of ice cubes (which will dilute the wine), add a few grapes to the wine glass.

5. Regular glasses can help to clear mango from peel

Culinary secrets

6. In a glass or cup, you can quickly peel a boiled egg.

Put a hot boiled egg in a glass, pour some cold water into it, tightly cover the glass with your palm and shake it several times.

7. How to make crystal-clear ice cubes

7.1. Use filtered water. Such water is cleaner - the cubes become opaque due to dust and some minerals.

7.2. Boil the water. Let it cool. Boil again.

During this process, minerals are decomposed in water, due to which the cubes are opaque.

8. A bit of water in the pan will prevent the bacon from splashing fat in all directions.

9. The yolk can be easily separated using a plastic bottle.

10.Apple cutter can be used to cut potatoes for making french fries

Culinary Tips

11. It is easy and simple to cut a cake, pie or roll with the help of fishing line or a durable thread (dental, for example)

12. Here is a quick way to open a bottle of wine without a corkscrew

13. How to make a rug for sushi with your own hands?

You will need skewers and duct tape (tape).


Tricks in the kitchen

14. How to quickly clean the corn, without unnecessary garbage?

15. If you need to quickly peel a few potatoes at once, you will need a brush, a drill, and a bucket of water.

16. How to quickly peel an apple?

Useful cooking tips

17. How to soften hard butter quickly?

Heat a glass under hot water and cover with oil. Also, the glass can be heated in a microwave.

18. How to quickly peel a tangerine and an orange?

19. How to peel fresh corn?

20. Replace ice cubes with frozen berries.

They are ideal for various soft drinks.

Culinary tricks. Recipes.

21. How to make an amazing bread with cheese?

22. Put the ice cream in a plastic bag.

Ice cream can be very hard when you take it out of the freezer.Put a bag of ice cream in a plastic bag with a clasp (string bag) and only then put it in the freezer. Ice cream will be softer when you get it out of the freezer.

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