19 original homemade shelves for storing shoes

For residents of small apartments is very acute the question of the location of shoes in the hallway. Families with children, they know what shoes are scattered throughout the apartment. No less urgent is the problem for those who like to pick up a variety of accessories for their image. To keep order in your home and conveniently arrange each pair you do not have to buy expensive shelves from the range of furniture stores. To make convenient devices for storing shoes is available from available materials, if you show your imagination. Here are some examples for inspiration.

Simple wooden dresser

It is rather simple to make such a piece of interior. Four boards are interconnected with furniture screws. Thin wooden planks are attached to the facades of the pedestal. Water based paint is best for dyeing. If desired, the upper part can be made contrasting and adapted for sitting.

Shoes on the shelf can just hang!

The idea is brilliant in its simplicity. In order not to soil the dirty soles of shoes and sneakers, you just need to keep them in limbo.

Wooden pallets shelf

What just do not make such an affordable and practical things like pallets. They are also suitable for the manufacture of a shoe rack. To build a similar piece of furniture is quite simple, because for the hallway of the pallets you can leave it unprocessed.

Ladder instead of shoe closet

For this idea, suitable as a finished wooden staircase, and made independently of planed boards. The main thing is that the steps should be inclined so that the shoes do not stain the wall.

Shelf from drawers

Wooden boxes - another versatile tool for lovers of original furniture. If you put the boxes vertically, they are suitable for storing high autumn and winter shoes. The side surface can be adapted for storing keys, hoopers for shoes and other useful things.

Shelves for shoes of different heights

In spring and autumn the weather is very changeable, and shoes of almost all seasons may be relevant.Such a simple design with shelves of different heights allows you to store autumn boots near sandals and sneakers.

6.All seasons Shoe Rack

Bee hive

A very original design can be created by combining several wooden hexagons, each of which is suitable for storing one or even several pairs of shoes, depending on its size.

Shelf with French chic

An ordinary piece of furniture can become a real decoration of the hallway if you stick a special film or paper with printed text on the back of the shelf. The color for the shelf itself with this design is better to choose neutral.

Shelves from skateboards

Real skateboarding fans always have a few old boards that have become unusable. In extreme cases, you can ask for help from your hobby friends. Multi-colored shelves are great for storing sports shoes.

Organizer for shoes

The design of the shelves of different heights allows you to store shoes for different weather. A small mirror in the hallway will allow you to evaluate your image before leaving the apartment.

Bench in the farm style

It is very convenient to store shoes in closed boxes, located on the shelves of the bench in a rustic style.This method of storage gives the hallway a more accurate view, since the shoes are hidden from view.

Cabinet for shoes in the wall

So that the construction does not seem cumbersome, it is better for her to choose boxes of thin plywood and arrange them in the form of brickwork. The strength of such a cabinet is provided by a wide board to which individual shelves are attached.

Diagonal Shelves

By placing the usual wide shelves diagonally, you can significantly save space in the hallway.

Copper pipes

The original piece of furniture is easy to make from pipes left over from the bathroom. For mounting the shelf parts, special adapters from the plumbing shop will fit together.

Dynamic design

Bars of the same size are mounted on the wall with the help of special moving parts. When folded, the design is a decorative panel, and if necessary turns into a space for storing shoes and accessories.

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