15 of the coolest hostels in Europe, which is useful to know travelers

In this review you will see that hostels can be not only a cheap haven for one night, but also a real highlight of your journey, which will be remembered by you for more advertised attractions.

The word "hostel" appeared with us relatively recently, and many still confuse it with the hospice. And among those who have heard about the existence of these low-cost hotels, there is a common misconception that hostels are a forced refuge for poor tourists who simply cannot rent a normal room in a normal hotel. They are hostels are hellish barracks with standing rows of bunks in the manner of an army barracks or camp for prisoners. However, this view is very far from reality, and in fact hostels can be comfortable, stylish, fashionable and at the same time also inexpensive.In this review we have collected a dozen of the best hostels from all over Europe, which will make your trip unforgettable.

Lavender Circus Hostel - Budapest, Hungary

 Lavender Circus Hostel room

Price:Double rooms from € 14 per person per night.

Location:city ​​center, near the Calvin Ter metro station (Kálvin tér).

This vintage hostel is located in a 19th century mansion in the heart of Budapest. A warm and cozy atmosphere with a touch of former imperial luxury makes this place ideal for couples looking for romance and privacy.

Prison Hostel - Karosta, Latvia

Prison Hostel room

Price:€ 15 per person per night.

Location:Karosta (naval port) is located 5 km from the historic center.

The former prison today opened its doors to curious travelers. Are you ready to spend the night in a real prison bed and enjoy the traditional menu of the prisoner? Please note that all visitors sign a waiver of claims for rude behavior of the staff and even physical punishment at the time of their arrival!

The Babushka Grand Hostel - Odessa, Ukraine

The Babushka Grand Hostel room

Price:€ 7 in common, € 11 in a separate room.

Location:in the center of the city, close to all major attractions of Odessa, 15 minutes walk from the Arcadia area, where the best beaches and clubs are concentrated.

This unusual hostel will meet you with the warmth of grandmother's comfort. All rooms are decorated in the old style with chandeliers, floral wallpaper, gilt, carpets. There even a fireplace can be found in the common room!

Franz Ferdinand Hostel - Sarajevo, Bosnia

Franz Ferdinand Hostel room

Price:starts from € 9.90 for a room in a common room, € 15.90 - in a separate double room.

Location:city ​​center, one turn from the main pedestrian street Ferhadija.

This hostel was invented and launched by a group of young architects and artists who dedicated its history to the murder of the Austro-Hungarian Archduke. This event served as a pretext for the start of the First World War, which swept the whirlwind of most of the globe. Immaculately decorated rooms with large paintings and historical photographs will immerse you in the atmosphere of that time.

Kadir’s Tree House - Olympos, Turkey

Kadir’s Tree House room

Price:€ 12 for a bed in a room for six people, € 22 for a separate double room.

Location:in the center of the wonderful village of Olympos.

Did you dream of having your own tree house as a child? In this hostel your childhood dreams will come true! Stunning huts on stilts and trees alreadyWaiting for you in close proximity to the National Park "Olympos" and the magnificent beach with crystal clear water and white sand.

Generator Hostel - Barcelona, ​​Spain

Generator Hostel room


Price:hostel accommodation from € 11.40 per night, private room from € 21.60.

Location:in the center of the stylish district of Gracia, 5 minutes walk from two main metro stations.

A bright, stylish and affordable hostel is the perfect place to stay in a city as popular as Barcelona. It seems that the design team did everything they could to make each room look unique. In this place the holiday never ends, everything is imbued with the spirit of the fiesta.

St Briavels Hostel - Gloucestershire, England

St Briavels Hostel room

Price:beds from € 24, private room from € 74 per night.

Location:in the city center, in the old family castle.

This hostel is located in an ancient castle. Its rich history and architecture make an amazing impression, especially if you are a fan of the history of the Middle Ages. And lovers of mystics can try to get acquainted with the local ghost that lives somewhere in the dungeon.

Dream Hostel - Tampere, Finland

Dream Hostel room

Price:from € 19.80 for a room in a room for 16 people, a separate room from € 62 per night.

Location:in the Tulli university district, 5 minutes walk from Tampere train station.

For its simple but sophisticated design Dream Hostel was named the best hostel in Finland in 2013! Modern decoration, warm hospitality and reasonable prices along with a good location make this place very attractive to visit.

The Independente Hostel - Lisbon, Portugal

The Independente Hostel room

Price:from € 10.92 for a room in a common room and € 85 for a private room.

Location:on the border of the Princip Princip Real (Principe Real) and Bairro Alto (Bairro Alto), a few minutes walk from the Rossio railway station.

Lisbon is arguably the best city in Europe for budget travelers. The Independente Hostel is located in the residence of the former Ambassador of Switzerland, and its design is a combination of modern elements with original architectural features. The most impressive impression on all makes a roof terrace with an amazing view of the city!

Plus Hostel - Florence, Italy

Plus Hostel room


Price:from € 24.96 in a common room, € 44.16 for a double room.

Location:10 minutes walk from the train station. Close to the city center.

This hostel is great for hosting various parties and celebrations.It has a free outdoor pool, a sauna and a wonderful bar with everything you need to have fun. Yes, this is not the most quiet place, so for lovers of a relaxing holiday it is better to look for something else.

Kex Hostel - Reykjavik, Iceland

Kex Hostel room

Price:from € 20.54 in a common room, € 42.79 for a double room.

Location:in the center of Reykjavik, overlooking the sea and the bay.

Incredibly, once it was a confectionery factory. The current owners have made great efforts to preserve this spirit of the old chocolate factory and paint it with fresh, modern details. Today Kex Hostel is one of the most popular places in Iceland among foreign tourists.

The MadHouse Hostel - Prague, Czech Republic

The MadHouse Hostel room

Price:from € 15.98 per bed.

Location:in the city center, near the metro station "Narodni trshida" (Národní třída).

Sexy and crazy The MadHouse is rated as “the best hostel in the Czech Republic” and ranks sixth in the list of the best hostels in the world according to the Hostelworld website! As its owners say, MadHouse is not just a place to sleep, it is your home away from home, where a friendly family is always waiting for you. All numbers are covered with stylish graffiti created by artists from Montreal, Canada and Australia.

Soul Kitchen - St. Petersburg, Russia

Soul kitchen room

Price:space in a common room from € 10.34, separate apartments from € 15.75.

Location:center of the city, 2 minutes walk from the metro station "Admiralteyskaya".

This hostel is recognized by the Hostel Bookers site as one of the best hotels in Eastern Europe. Soul Kitchen will open for you its warm embrace even in the coldest Russian winter. The institution is located in a historic building with a long history and a special soulful atmosphere, which the owners managed to preserve perfectly.

Van Gogh Hostel - Amsterdam, Netherlands

Van Gogh Hostel room

Price:Room capacity from € 20, private room from € 36.38.

Location:in one block with three world famous museums and 10 minutes from Amsterdam Central Station.

A modern hotel with an excellent price policy for such an expensive city like Amsterdam. It is located in the museum district and just a few steps from the coolest bars, cafes, shops and clubs! Comfortable rooms, private bathrooms and gigantic and crazy Van Gogh paintings looking at you from all the walls.

The Red Boat Mälaren - Stockholm, Sweden

The Red Boat Mälaren room

Price:from € 34.80 for a four-bed room.

Location:a few minutes drive from the center of the Old Town, 10 minutes walk to the nearest metro station.

Overnight stay aboard a peacefully swaying ship on the waves right in the heart of Stockholm will definitely become one of the most vivid memories of the journey.The rooms are not too spacious, but cozy enough. And most importantly, you can feel like a real sailor and look at the lights of the evening city from the deck of this houseboat.

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