15 insanely cool ideas on how to make a stylish thing out of a regular T-shirt!

We have prepared 15 inspirational ideas for you to customize your T-shirt. Great ideas for summer! Take into service.
1. T-shirt turns into an elegant top!

2. Unusual way to transform a long jersey.

Detailed instructions for alteration.

3. Corset on a T-shirt looks very feminine!

4. Great idea with sleeves!

5. Original marker for fabric

6. With bandages

7. Romantic bows on the sleeves

8.Open back

9. Flirtatious top

10. Another version of the summer top!

11. The perfect T-shirt for hot days!

12. Simple top

13. Lace always decorates!

14. Nice solution with a big T-shirt


Date: 09.10.2018, 02:01 / Views: 94262

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