14 secrets of the perfect manicure at home

Every girl wants her nails to look as if she had just done a manicure in a chic salon. But, unfortunately, a flawless manicure is not always possible to do - then the varnish got out of the contour, then it just lay ugly on the nail. So today we want to tell you about 15 secrets of the perfect manicure at home. Take note!

1. Scotch

If you want to make a beautiful French manicure, apply a transparent base on your nails, glue strips of tape and apply a colored varnish on the exposed part of the nail.

2. Glitter

If the lacquer is erased on the tips of the nails, and there is no time or desire for a new manicure, just apply some sparkles and fix with a transparent lacquer. A couple of minutes, and your manicure is updated!

3. Plaster

Use the patch as a stencil, so you get bright and even droplets on the nails.

4. Dew effect

To create the effect of dew, make nails a matte varnish and add a couple of droplets.

5. Grid

Apply a base color to your nails, and then another varnish using a mesh or scouring pads.

6. Newspaper

Apply light-colored lacquer to your nails and wait until the lacquer dries. Pour into a small mug of alcohol-containing liquid, place newspaper clippings in the liquid and alternately place them on the nails. Cut off excess paper and apply a clear coat.

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