13 sets of linen in the most beautiful colors of autumn

Let's start the formation of a new autumn wardrobe with the choice of the right underwear! Wday.ru knows where to find the brightest and most stylish models of the new season.

Forget the boring black and beige sets! Or at least set them aside for a while. It's time to pay attention to more non-trivial and spectacular colors. In addition, this fall, designers have done everything to make the choice more interesting and diverse. We tell you what shades to make underwear on.

Yellow and mustard.The hue of autumn leaves and the September sun is a very romantic and non-trivial choice. It is ideally combined with tanned skin and instantly improves mood. Let there be no place for the autumn blues in your life. Look for the most juicy yellow kits in the Etam and Oysho collections.

Wine and brick.Burgundy, cherry and dark red hues with light redhead are another curtsy of autumn. Kits made in this color range look especially luxurious in lace and elegant mesh.For shopping, go to Etam, Women 'secret and Agent Provocateur.

Inky.At the peak of fashion, all ink shades range from dark blue to violet and light purple. And the more unusual the design and decor, the better. We found the most interesting news from Reserved, Bustier and Victoria’s Secret.

Autumn garden.Floral patterns do not lose their relevance in the fall. Only in the cold season the topic of flora became more restrained and muffled. Flowers now look much better not in pastel colors, but against a black background. Do not believe? Take a look at the Tezenis collection.

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