12 things that absolutely can not be flushed into the sink and toilet

  • Anonymous

    Fillers cat trays the most blockage. They are made from bentonite clays that have multiple extensions when wetted.

  • Anonymous

    Yeah, washed the floor with "Mr. Proper" and went to pour out into the street!

  • Anonymous


  • Basil

    This and so everyone knows !!!! If only from the tundra, what kind of relatives came !!!!

  • Natalia

    Very good advice. Many and oil is poured and medicines pour out.!

  • Anonymous

    It happens and diapers into the toilet drain. Plumbers are very happy with this find.


    And I have a food waste chopper. Therefore, almost all of the above dump in the sink. I have been using for 6 years. No blockages.

  • Anonymous

    Mercury from thermometers. So it will remain in the siphon, and the pair will still get into the atmosphere of the apartment

  • Anonymous

    Grease from the pan can be easily removed with paper towels (without chemicals), and then in a bag.

  • Olga

    Laughing Household chemicals. Those.washed the floor, washed the laundry, and the water is nowhere? About the coffee grounds, read the exact opposite: scrape the grease off the surface of the pipes.

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