10 unusual beer uses

Of course, on weekends in the evening it is better to drink beer. Well, you can still read about how beautiful and usefully to use it for other purposes.

1. Beer improves sleep

Hops works great as a herbal sleeping pill. If you have trouble falling asleep, wash the pillow cases in water with a few tablespoons of beer.

2. Beer will clean copper and cast iron.

Beer will help to effectively remove both old copper coins and a cast-iron cauldron from plaque. Soak the coins in the beer (or fill the container with it), wait 5–10 minutes, and then use a soft cloth to remove plaque and polish the surface.

3. Beer relaxes tired legs.

Try to steam your feet in a basin after a heavy load. The recipe is this: in warm water reaching the ankles, half a half-liter bottle of beer is added. And - fatigue was gone.

4. Beer will polish furniture

Dampen a soft cloth with beer and then polish it with your wooden coffee table. The result will be no worse than using a special polish.

5. Beer will make food tastier.

Beer can be used as a substitute for water in thousands of recipes, and give a completely new flavor to familiar dishes. Try to fry meat, seafood in beer, add it to sauces or dough.

6. Beer - the enemy of rust

If a rusted bolt or screw that you can not unscrew, pour beer and wait a minute, it will be much easier to unscrew them.

7. Beer helps clean the stains

In particular, it can be used as a carpet cleaner. Pour some beer on the stain, let it soak in, and then blot the stain with a clean rag. Do not forget that after you remove the stain, you have to remove the beer from the carpet with soap and water.

8. Beer will improve hair condition

If your hair does not look good, make a beer shampoo, bring the beer in the pan to a boil, and keep it on the stove until you have only a quarter of its volume. What remains is to be allowed to cool and mix this “decoction” with regular shampoo - bringing the volume of the resulting liquid to the original volume of beer. In case the result of washing your head with such a composition is not pleasant, there are a variety of beer shampoos on sale.

9.Beer catch pests

If you pour a little beer on the bottom of the bucket, you will have a trap for insects and even for mice, which will attract its intoxicating aroma. In order for the mice to be trapped, and could not get out of there, a piece of wood should be attached to the bucket, along which rodents will climb.

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