10 unconventional ways of using nail polish

Nail polish can be used for its intended purpose - for beauty. And you can find him more functional applications in everyday life.

1. Mark with bright varnish wires that you do not want to confuse (the method is also suitable for keys in a large bundle)

2. Make a mark on the faucet in the bathroom, so as not to look every time for the optimal ratio of hot and cold water

3. Mark with a glowing varnish a switch or a bell at a dark entrance (as an option - the buttons on the remote, if you like to watch TV in the dark)

4. Cover the envelope with a colorless varnish so that curious persons could not secretly steam it off the teapot and open it (or if you just squeeze to lick the envelope)

5. A smear of varnish at the right level will turn any glass into a measuring one, and in general it is very convenient to make a mark of the level of the liquid in the container with varnish. If, of course, this liquid is not acetone.

6. Apply a thin layer of varnish to the bottom rim of jars and bottles with makeup in the bathroom so that they do not leave any marks on the surface (or on iron screws on the toilet seat for the same purpose)

7Use colorless varnish as a laminating agent: for example, for strips with an address on parcels or for paper labels

8. Spread the extra holes in the salt shaker or pepper, if the spices are too abundantly poured out

9. Secure the loosened cog in glasses or a gem that fell out of the ring


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