10 simple garden sofa projects that you can do yourself

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If you have an outdoor area in the garden or on the terrace, and you are always looking for interesting projects of outdoor furniture, then we congratulate you! You have just found the 10 best projects of the outdoor sofa, one of which you can easily bring to life and enjoy warm summer evenings with your family.

The most important aspect of outdoor furniture is strength. It must withstand weather conditions for many years. We have several interesting projects for you:,,,.

A simple garden sofa made of wooden beams

This sofa can be made with basic power tools in less than 5 hours. Modern outdoor sofas can be quite expensive and inaccessible.This sofa made of wooden timber, a pair of boards and some pillows that were bought inIKEA, it turned out to be quite strong and beautiful. In the end, a gray stain was used to bring the color and it is desirable to cover the sofa with a special for outdoor wooden furniture. All steps are shown in detail in the video below.

Corner sofa of unedged board.

The second no less interesting and simple option is to make a garden sofa yourself. For this project you will needcareless boards(you can buy them at a hardware store or sawmill),pillows(you can buy them at IKEA) and a wooden square bar for legs.

Simple garden sofa made of 50x100 mm edged board.

If you have experience with wood, you can easily assemble this sofa by following the instructions below.

Sofa / bed with a lawn.

The fantastic bed by Jason Hodges is a landscaper on the Australian television show Better Homes & Gardens. It shows in detail how to build a bed with live grass and enjoy the sunny weather. Detailed master class.

Or this version of the living grass sofa ...

A small sofa of used pallets.

Go to the budget ways to create a sofa. There is no way to be more cost-effective than using old pallets. We have previously told -.

Large corner sofa of pallets.

Another option is a budget sofa, which can be made independently from building pallets, then bring the shade to it with the help of stain.

Or this version of the sofa ...

A sofa made of lightweight aggregate blocks and beams.

This is such an unusual way to create your own garden sofa. As a base, claydite-concrete blocks were used, which were glued together with mounting glue, and wooden beams were inserted into the holes of the blocks.

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