10 really unusual recipes okroshka

When in the summer hot and sultry days you want to pamper yourself and your loved ones with something non-caloric, but tasty, okroshka fits the bill. This traditional native Russian dish has many diverse and unusual recipes. Today we will introduce you to ten of the most delicious and unusual ways of cooking this dish!

Vegetarian okroshka with yogurt

okroshka recipe with photos
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This easy-to-cook version of okroshka will undoubtedly appeal to all those who do not eat meat. You will need a bunch of any greens (dill or parsley, and you can also add basil or cilantro), finely chopped radishes and cucumbers. In order to give all the ingredients juice, you can mash all the products with a spoon in a plate. Well, instead of kvass, add natural yogurt (necessarily chilled!), No more than two spoons of lemon juice and mineral water.

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