10 ideas on the arrangement of a bunk bed for children

For families with multiple children, a bunk bed may be the only solution. Some of these designs look rather cumbersome. But in the nursery you want to create an atmosphere of ease and comfort. Here are a few beds for two or more toddlers who will perfectly complement any interior.

Bed of futuristic design

The bottom of the bed is hidden behind a screen with a round hole. Such design turns the lower part into a cozy private cabin. An inclined staircase leads to the upper part, with steps that are mounted on small struts. The limiter of the second level is made of light openwork parts. Non-standard design elements and white color make the design easy, and the room will not seem cluttered.

Since the staircase is located at an angle, you can climb the second level without holding your hands. A small chest of drawers is built in between the stairs and the lower booth.Here children can keep books and toys.

Two beds in scandinavian style

Scandinavian style implies simplicity, natural materials and clean silhouettes. This room has two separate beds, but one of them hangs on the wall. It seems that the upper bed is floating in the air. Due to the unusual location, both levels are very well lit. In the same style executed laconic stairs. The lower part is a mobile platform on which it is convenient to store bed linen.

Loft bed over the work area

The room in the loft style, is equipped in such a way that the bed is located above the laconic table-dresser. The sleeping area has its own small window, due to which the lighting in it is natural. Besides the direct destination, the staircase also separates the working area from the rest of the room.

A room for three children

Several beds are not easy to place in a room of small size. Children should be comfortable, and everyone needs a separate corner. A significant part of the room is occupied by a podium, which houses convenient boxes for storage. One of the lower beds is located in the corner, the other near a niche with shelves.On the upper bed you can climb up a small ladder. The main light colors of the room are complemented by bright accents.

Urban bunk bed

Due to the strict design and optimal location, we managed to place two full-sized beds in a fairly narrow room. Against the background of the strict colors characteristic of the loft style, bright orange handrails and a ladder look great. Furniture design is as easy as possible. Instead of the usual wardrobe, the bed is complemented by open hangers for clothes and a stand of the original design.

Monochrome beds

Such designs are perfect for rooms in which you need to equip several beds at once. They will look great in the hostel, hostel or bedroom of teenagers. The contrast of black and white colors visually expands the space.

"Soaring" in the air of the bed

Another example of "air" design. Both beds are made of light wood and are attached directly to the wall. Instead of stairs from the side of the beds in the wall built cabinets with comfortable steps, at the same time being bookshelves.There are several independent light sources in the room, including a large panoramic window.

Bedroom bright design

Bright bed looks great on the background of light walls and floor. Even a very dark saturated blue color does not weigh down the structure in such a neighborhood. The bed frame is made of durable thin material and has a bright inner side. Massive ceiling beams painted in the color of the walls visually make the space larger.

Bedroom with fantastic decor

In this case, instead of the classic bunk bed, a loft bed was placed above the regular bed with side tables. The massive column is decorated with an unusual decor of drywall, the neighborhood with which makes the sleeping area more elegant. Bright accents on the background of the sky-blue walls evoke associations with summer landscapes.

Children's, filled with light

Another variation on the Scandinavian style. The room is designed in bright colors and is located in an apartment with large panoramic windows. Light and airy bed complemented by concise white textiles. Strict simple silhouettes are designed so as not to argue with colored toys, which may appear in the room a lot.

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