Unusual design wall clocks

Unusual design wall clocks Here are samples of original design solutions for wall clocks. Some specimens are pleasantly surprised by the simplicity of the idea and the low cost of execution. Others, by contrast, are the most complex kinetic sculptures. 1. Watch “Random factor”.

Provence-style kitchen interior

Provence style kitchen interior The unusual, cozy and homely kitchen interior in the Provence style is the dream of the majority of women who have their own dwelling, children and those who love to cook for the family. There are several distinctive features and.

Hedgehog - the story of vain vanity

"Hedgehog" - the story of vain vanity Dad was forty years old, Slavik was ten, his hedgehog was even less. Slavik dragged a hedgehog in a hat, ran to the couch on which his father lay with an open newspaper, and choking with happiness.

10 unexpected ways to use the microwave

10 unexpected ways to use the microwave On October 8, 1945, Massachusetts resident Percy Spencer patented a microwave oven. And we decided to find you a dozen of unexpected properties of the microwave and at the same time useful tips. 1. To refresh the.

Laughter - the best medicine: how to deal with hangover jokes

Laughter is the best medicine: how to deal with a hangover jokes? Yesterday, the whole country celebrated March 8, in particular - the beautiful half of society. However, during such holidays it is not always possible to correctly calculate the degree of fun, and.

Angel of felt

Angel of felt Angel of felt with their own hands master class Favorite children's winter holiday is not only the New Year, but also its neighbors, Christmas, St. Nicholas and Kutya. All these holidays are very important main and ecclesiastical, therefore, guardian angels accompany.

Knitted Hippo

Knitted Hippo Knitting is a pleasant activity that perfectly relaxes and distracts from everyday fuss. When there is a desire to entrust, it is not always immediately an idea that can be realized. Today I want to give you an interesting idea - tie.

Children's dream, or collectible

Children's dream or collectible Greetings to you, dear readers. Probably, in life, everyone has his own hobby, because you need to somehow distract from the usual routine. And today, you can choose a hobby from an extensive list, or you can invent your own.

Foam cactus - needle bed

Foam cactus - needle bed We present to your attention a cactus that will become a loyal assistant of the needlewoman, as well as an excellent decoration of the interior or the workplace of the skilled worker. com / images / 15/2365-kaktus-iz-penoplasta.jpg "alt =".

Simple Clamp

Simple Clamp You can make a very useful and simple thing for your workshop in just a few minutes - it is a clamp from a piece of profile. With it, you can fix the workpiece from both metal and wood. So if you.

Fried Cheese

Fried Cheese This is literally the best recipe in the world, I think! If you like cheese, you will love these amazing cheese sticks. Made from just two ingredients in 20 minutes. I sincerely recommend that you prepare these chopsticks for this recipe, and.


Hummer Make crafts that would bring joy, you can from household things and objects. The result will be stunning. With an unusual homemade toy you can entertain the company on a holiday, take a child, arrange a competition. We will make a folk toy.

Popped rice

Popped rice This is a very unusual delicacy, both in taste and in preparation. We need only two ingredients: Required ingredients for cooking: - Two round selective and pure rice are used - Refined vegetable oil. The process of cooking popped rice: 1. Rice.

How to get rid of the wen on the body

How to get rid of wen on the body? Wen, appearing on the body, can spoil the appearance, forcing complexes and even deliver discomfort. In order to permanently get rid of such neoplasms, it is necessary to penetrate into their essence, find out the.

Portraits of children and their toys from around the world. An amusing trip

Portraits of children and their toys from around the world. An amusing trip Italian photographer Gabriele Galimberti () spent two years traveling around the world and taking pictures of children from different countries. Her toy story project demonstrates what children around the world are.

Children's denim backpack

Children's denim backpack In every home there are jeans that are no longer worn for one reason or another - for example, a child grew out of them, or tore; jeans are rubbed or their style went out of fashion. As a rule, these.

Postcard for Easter with your own hands

Postcard for Easter with your own hands Such a postcard for Easter will please the addressee. Maybe it will be a mom who is preparing the most delicious cake for the holiday, setting the table, or a dad who is organizing a happy holiday.

Important things in the interior of rooms

Important things in the interior of rooms The decor in a hotel room can be made in any style solution, but in all cases, without exception, it should evoke a feeling of ideal comfort in a guest at a glance. It is possible to.

Paper Model Gun Walker

Paper Model Gun Walker Gun Walker Paper Model Droid. Materials and tools: scissors, paper knife, drawing ruler tweezers; glue brushes and paint; watercolors (or pencils), toothpicks; clear acrylic glue ("Moment", etc.); to print the model matte photo paper with a density of 170-180 g.

Chuck-chuck with honey and almonds

Chuck-chuck with honey and almonds Chuck-chuck with honey and almondsis a recipe. Ingredients: eggs 4 pieces; flour 350-400 gr; 1/3 tsp salt; soda 0.5 tsp. honey 1 cup; sugar 1 cup; almonds (or walnuts) for decoration; vegetable oil for frying 1 l. Cooking Pour.

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